This is me!

My name is Kelli (Barker) Warren, one of my best friends Melissa Stevens convinced me to start a blog since we are graduating college this semester and will be hundreds of miles away and want to keep in touch!
I recently got married to my best friend Mark Warren on August 14, 2010. We have so much fun together and he always makes me laugh.
I have three little sisters who are my life! They mean so much to me and make me so happy.
I love my family, I now have three brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, and 7 nieces and a brand new nephew that was born yesterday on March, 18! My in-laws are all so great and I feel so blessed to have them all in my life!
I absolutely love animals, I often bring home strays and bathe them, Mark hates it and calls me a “crazy cat lady.”
Follow me to hear more about our adventures!


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