playing house

Since graduation I had two goals for myself. First, find a job that was somewhat college degree worthy (that is hard to do in Rexburg where jobs are few and far between). And second, to cook real meals for Mark every night. I was really bad at making dinners the past two semesters. I justify myself by saying I was really busy with 16 credits and working 20 hours a week.

We are now about a month into it and, drum roll….Success!
I got a job at a real estate company called Countrywide Properties. It doesn’t really have much to do with my major but hey, its not fast food! The people are really great and its a good place to work while I wait for Mark to graduate.

Also, I’ve been cooking real meals!
I have made steak, chicken fajitas, southwest chicken wraps, homemade macaroni and cheese, chicken enchiladas. Luckily Mark is so sweet and compliments me even if the steak is a little well done or the mac ‘n cheese isn’t as good as his dads. But he makes me feel like I have potential so I actually enjoy cooking!

Thanks for being my taste-tester and support Mark!
Also, thanks to the Warren/Hawkins family cookbook, cookbooks from my mom and grandma Bev, and also to my mom for answering the phone when I have questions while I’m cooking 🙂


3 thoughts on “playing house

  1. Kelli! I love your blog background! I totally used to have the same one! Good job on the meals! You will have to teach me your skills sometime!-Tara Hibbard

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