our baby :)

Mark finally gave in and let me get a kitten! (mostly because he was annoyed with me bringing home strays and asking every day…and she was free!) We adopted her on April 26. She was super tiny when we got her, the runt of her litter. The people we got her from thought she was about 6 or 7 weeks old. They didn’t know if she was a girl or a boy…I did my research, thank you google, and found out she was a girl. We wanted to name her something from the Giants but buster posey doesn’t really fit for a girl. After a couple days of deliberating, we decided to name her Snookie!
She is so cute and makes us laugh every day. She’s already gotten so much bigger, maybe because we didn’t know how much to feed her and eventually saw the recommendations on the bag, lets just say we were feeding her about 4 times as much as we should.
It’s like having a baby, she cries when we put her to bed (in our closet), she cries in the morning and wakes us up. But despite the early mornings, we love her and are so happy to have her in our little family (you can ask Mark how he really feels.) Mark is her favorite, even though he throws her off the bed. Her favorite spot to be is on his shoulder, especially when he’s trying to do homework!
Here are some pictures of our baby Snooks!

Her favorite spot
Meet Snookie!

                                                              She loves her mom πŸ™‚

I guess my arm is her teddy bear
Sophia came to play with us. She loves kittens
Snookie loves Sophia
Aunt Jana holding Snookie like a baby, haha
Mark loves to make her sit like this, she doesn’t really like it though
So happy πŸ™‚
Don’t worry, she likes having her face smooshed in pictures, haha!
Our friends Adria and Brianne brought their kitten, Boss, over for a play date…Snookie beat him up! I think she is use to getting beat up by her brothers and sisters because she was the runt and finally she has someone smaller to pick on. Boss was a trouper and took it. Mark was proud of his little Snooks!

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