on my mind

I have had a lot on my mind lately, all random, and decided that I need to get them out…
1. I hate snookie! She won’t sleep past 5 am and I’m exhausted! We are giving her away
2. I love snookie! She is so funny and sweet. This morning Mark opened our bedroom door and she came running in and rubbed her cheek on mine, melted my heart.
3. I’m realllllllly tired
4. I love how big our new couch is!
5. I really want to do something fun this weekend, seeing how it’s Memorial day and a 3 day weekend. But it is suppose to snow/rain all weekend so there isn’t much to do.
6. I really miss Melissa & Glenna. I keep thinking back to sophomore year when we were roommates. We all had a love/hate relationship. We are all very loud and outgoing so at times we annoyed each other but they will always have a special place in my heart. They both have helped me through some hard times and partied hard with me during the good times 🙂
7. I feel like lately there is always someone mad at me and I feel like I don’t even know what I did. Am I just a bad friend?
8. I’m homesick. We haven’t been home since Christmas, about 5 months ago, and I know that isn’t a very long time but it seems like everyone is home or has been going home a lot this semester, and I’m jealous.
9. I want to move to a different apartment. Our neighbors above us are so loud and inconsiderate. We don’t care if they are loud during the day, we are too. But after midnight, it is common decency to keep it down so  people can sleep. These neighbors come  home every night around 12 or 12:30 and chase each other through their apartment. He literally slams the toilet seat down. We had to write them a note about a week  ago asking them to be more considerate late at night…it hasn’t helped. I’ve decided they are just rude people.
Then last night after their sherade, our next door neighbors’ little girl screamed at the top of her lungs for an hour! They are nice neighbors but they are about to have their 3rd baby, I don’t know if I can handle hearing someone else’s kids all night! (they just got a mini van too…I think that means it’s time to move out of student housing…)
10. I just want it to be April 2012 RIGHT NOW so we can go to Europe! Mark and I decided that we are going to backpack through Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, France, and Spain! I’m so excited and anxious! I’ve been researching every day since we decided. I can’t wait for my Rick Steves travel books to get here so I can start reading!
Anyways, it’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! Hopefully work will go fast and I’ll get to go to the farmer’s market finally! Have a wonderful 3 day weekend and Memorial day. Thank you to all who currently do and did in the past serve our country and protect us.


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