what the hail?!

This weekend was Memorial day weekend. The first things that come to mind from past memorial days include, camping, bbq’s, watching war movies, enjoying being outside in the warm weather…
well none of these happened this weekend.

Mark and I wanted to go to Jackson Hole on Saturday, we love jackson hole! But the weather man said it was suppose to rain/snow all day. So we decided not to go or really plan anything for the weekend. When we woke up Saturday morning, ok it was 11:00 so not really morning, it was beautiful outside! But we knew it was just the Rexburg weather teasing us, it was going to pour all day…NOT! It was a gorgous day! and we didn’t do anything because the weather man lied to us! We later found out that it was 70 degrees in Jackson!
But we had a good weekend anyway. We spent most of it with our friends Chris, Kyle, Alex, and Olivia! Friday night I told Mark that he should spend the night with his friends (listed above) so that he could get a good night’s rest, since Snookie has been waking him up every morning at 5. So we went to hang out with the guys and Olivia was there! We decided that since the boys were having a sleepover, we were going to have a sleep over! We all went to Nelsons and got custard, they messed up mine and Mark’s order, again! Then we went over to Crazy Mikes and me and Olivia rented Charlie St. Cloud and the boys rented Wolverine. Then we split up.
Olivia and I went back to my apartment and watched the movie with snooks. It was such a good movie! I liked it because it wasn’t predictable. We had a great time catching up and talking, I needed some good girl time! Thanks Liv!

The next morning someone texted me about snookie, they wanted to come see her in an hour. So I called Mark and picked him up because I knew I couldn’t do it by myself. They came over and were the perfect family for her. They had 2 little girls who were obsessed with her. I am very happy they were they family to take her. But it broke my heart. I really loved Snookie, she made me laugh and made me so happy. But I wanted to be a good wife and do what was best for Mark. I still tear up when I think about her or when I walk into our empty apartment and she isn’t waiting at the door for me and meows for me to pick her up 😦

We didn’t watch any war movies, which I am shocked about because Mark loves all those movies like the Patriot…but we did watch one of my favorites, Beauty and the Beast! It was nice to cuddle and watch a disney movie during the rain/hail storm. Oh yeah, did I mention it HAILED! What the hail, Rexburg?! It’s June tomorrow, don’t you know that?!

It was a great/heart breaking weekend.


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