life, take it easy on me!

Last night I called my parents for our weekly Sunday chat. We started talking about our family vacation that we are taking next April! I am so excited. I don’t think we have gone on a family vaca with everyone since my freshman year of high school when we went to Hawaii? This is going to be the best! All my sisters are going and this will be our first vacation with Mark! We are going to Washington D.C., I’ve never been there before! How can I possibly describe how amazing this trip is going to be?!
But then we started talking dates…Mom: “So Mark’s graduation is April 7 so we could go the Monday after and meet in D.C….”
Wait what did you say…Mark’s graduation?!
When I graduated 2 months ago I thought that Mark’s graduation seemed sooo far away. I have to be here in Iceburg for another winter?! But now I realize Mark graduates in only 10 months! Then what?!
I started to feel the anxiety come on. Its overwhelming because I have no control in this situation. Mark still has to do an internship, which he isn’t too interested in and just wants to do it at his dad’s company and pass it off. I think Mark should go somewhere else and gain more experience and enjoy it, even if he does end up working for his dad. I don’t want him to look back in 5 or 10 years and regret going straight to work for his dad. It is a great company but 2 of his brothers have decided that it’s not for them after they have worked there for years and did their internship there…
It just scares me. I’m not ready for real life. How are we going to get all our stuff home? Are we going to live at Mark’s parent’s house? For how long?
We’ve become so comfortable in little Rexburg, as much as we hate it sometimes, its what we’ve known for the past 4 years.
I think the worst part is that Mark doesn’t want to talk about moving or an internship because its “too far in the future and it stresses him out to think about it right now.” But before we know it Mark’s going to be picking up his cap and gown and we are going to have no internships…


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