The whole time I have been in Rexburg, I have had one simple request…that is to go on the carousel at Porter Park. However, it has never been open whenever I have gone.
But finally it was!
On Saturday Mark and I went to the park to fly kites šŸ™‚ I thought it was going to be unsatisfactory to say the least to try and get Mark to pretend like flying kites was fun…but a miracle happened and he actually enjoyed it! We were laughing and having a great time! 
Then we called Rachel and told her to bring her kite and join us, so she did.
I noticed that the carousel was running so after flying our kites we headed over. It was a dollar each and totally worth it! Usually rides like that rip you off and $1 only buys you 3 times around but this ride lasted for like 5 minutes! It was more than I could have dreamed of! {next time I’m gonna drag Mark on with me, yes, there will be a next time}


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