Best man I know

I know this is a little late and maybe a little cliche, and my dad doesn’t even read my blog but I wanted to write a little tribute to my dad for Father’s day.
When I was little my dad was my best friend. I got to spend all day with him on Saturdays while my mom worked. I would make him watch the Little Mermaid with me at least 3 times a day, I had every line memorized pretty much from the time I could talk. We use to put our arms around each other’s necks and sing “pals pals pals pals.” He taught me how to ride a two wheeler in an hour (I think that’s how the story goes.) I was daddy’s little girl.
But then the terrible teenage years hit and I didn’t think my dad knew anything. I became “too cool” to be his friend anymore and I threw away our relationship.
But here’s the happy ending…or beginning…after some college experience to shapen me up and make me a little wiser, I can now appreciate my dad and be friends with him again.
Thanks for being my strong and steady and for seeing my potential when I couldn’t. Thanks for pushing me to be better than I wanted to be. You have taught me how to be responsible and reliable. You have been my example of a righteous priesthood holder, and have set the bar high for my goals and standards.
I love you dad and I am grateful for you everyday.

You are a wonderful father!

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