summer songs

I’m currently going through a John Mayer, Jack Johnson and Maroon 5 obsession {Adam Levine, I love you!}…I went through this like 2 years ago and 5 years ago but how can you not love these guys! They make my soul happy. Maybe I’m going through this phase because it’s finally sunny outside…sun + these wonderful voices go hand in hand!

Regardless of what it is, I’m happy
Yesterday my new summer dress came in the mail as well as two other shirts I ordered online. I was so excited I ran in our room and had a little fashion show. Mark kept laughing at me because I would put one on and then pose with a huge smile on my face and ask him, “Do you like it?!” “am I cute?” I don’t think new clothes have ever made me so happy, it’s the lack of fashion in Rexburg.

 Even better news, today is Tuesday which means only 3 more days until we go camping with our friends! I’m so excited. I love camping. Granted, it’s not Big Sur, which is my favorite place in the world to camp but at least we are going camping!
{Happy 1st day of summer!!!}

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