22 minutes and 37 seconds

Dear Mom,
Thanks for letting me vent to you about all my stupid tiny little problems like not knowing what to pack for food for camping this weekend or about ridiculous drama or about the weather. You are my best friend and I’m so glad I can call you up…whenever you’re NOT on the phone and I don’t get a busy dial, and just pour out all my thoughts. 
Thanks for not laughing at me and for pretending my problems are important.
Thank you for taking 22 minutes and 37 seconds between getting the french doors replaced and getting ready for trek to talk to me. 
I always feel better after talking to you.

Since being married and learning to be responsible, I have come to appreciate more and more each day all you do for me.
I now understand your stress before Big Sur camping trips 🙂

I love and miss you so much! I can’t wait to see you in August.

 Thanks for being there whenever I need you 🙂
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