potter+leeches+fugitives+fire at church= great end to the semester

I feel like we have been so buys lately and having so much fun that I don’t have any time to blog, except to recap our weekend, but hey, I can’t complain, that is a good thing!
I am loving summer right now and never want it to end! This past weekend was the most “summery” weekend I think we have had yet.
It started with going to Rexburg Rapids on Friday after I got work. We went with our friends the Hibbards and Rachel and her roommate Sam {Yeah, Rachel actually hung out with us!} But as soon as we got there some little kid pooped in the pool with the climbing wall, secretly I think it was Mark who pooped {we have only been to the water park once before and some kid pooped that time too, so I keep teasing Mark that it is him} so we just chilled in the lazy river that was so packed, we got stuck in lots of traffic jams. But sadly as soon as we got in the river a huge cloud covered the sun so it was pretty cold. Poor Mark was shivering and had purple lips, maybe it’s because he has like 2% body fat…I was fine though…
Then Chris and Kyle invited us to go see Harry Potter with them! I was soo stoked! I am a harry potter nerd, Mark is embarrassed. We ran home and changed out of our wet bathing suits and heading to KFC to grab a quick frustrating dinner with Tara & Peter. {KFC totally messed up our order and it was chaotic} But then we made our way to St. Anthony to this really cute, old movie theater to see Harry Potter for $5 {yeah that’s right 5 bucks! Sucks for everyone at home who had to pay $12 :)} I was so excited for this movie because the last one was soo amazing, I had really high hopes. At the end of the movie, I was kind of disappointed! The intense parts were too short and there were too many cheesy parts, I hated the ending! I wish it would have just ended with Harry & Ginny getting married…ugh! But I did love Snape’s memory.

Anyways, Saturday I woke up to a cinnamon roll that Mark had gotten me from Paradise Doughnuts, well actually he went to get doughnuts because we were craving them but Paradise doughnuts was out of doughnuts…at 10 am…weird, stupid, annoying but whatever. Then we worked out, it was a good start to the day. Then we went with the Hibbards to Lake Eagin! Rachel and Sam came with us again, it was a rough start though, I was running a little late and Mark kept calling me and getting mad at me lol. We finally got there though! There was suppose to be a big group of college kids with a slip n’ slide but we couldn’t see them. We realized they were on the other side of the 2 lakes and the only way to get there was to wade through the leech and muck infested lakes that are actually ponds… By the time we made it through the first “lake” and started going through the second one, our legs were really tired, I was grumpy because I hadn’t eaten lunch and I saw a leech!  There were these really weird looking tadpoles/bearded dragons. {I was gonna post a picture of them but searching through images on google freaked me out, I think they are Ambystoma mexicanum, if you are interest in looking them up…you have been warned.
It was really hot there and we forgot sunscreen, and a lot of the kids there were tools so we didn’t stay too long. And I didn’t get to go down the slip n’ slide 😦

After we made it back through the lakes safely, without any leeches, we ordered Dominoes pizzas so we could pick them up as soon as we got home, we were really hungry.

Then we went home and chilled/took a nap on the couch. Then Chris called and invited us to a bonfire at Beaver Dick Park. That was really fun.
Then we went to go play Fugitive through Rexburg! We picked up Tara & Peter on the way {can you tell that we are REALLY going to miss them next semester?! they are going to do an internship in Washington, but will be back for our last semester here in the winter.} Tara & I buddied up and were making our way through some allies and apartment complex when our husbands caught up with us. We all ran together through the shadows, dodging cars, and up to the middle of campus (the goal was to get to the Kimball/Hinckley parking lot). Tara and I were running behind Mark and Peter up the hill, in the open parking lot when I saw the “cops” and started yelling that they were coming so Mark and Peter would run faster and hide, I knew there was no way I was going to make it so I wanted to help them. I heard “Bang, Kelli,” I yelled dang it! “Bang, Tara” she yelled dang it! we were soo mad! We were almost there!!! We probably only had 300 yards to go! so close. But we covered for Mark and Peter and they made it!
The next round, Mark and Peter were the cops. Tara and I were determined to make it this time, we were not going to let our husbands catch us! We came up with a fool proof plan, it was a little longer but totally worth it. After encounters with creepy guys, running past a drug snorting sesh, and a girl grabbing us and me screaming in her face, laying flat on the street thinking Mark and Peter were coming, and diving into LOTS of bushes…we made it through Rexburg and into the Brolumns parking lot! We had won! But of course Mark and Peter were mad and said we cheated…what party poopers, can’t they just be excited for us?!

Sunday was also exciting…in between Sacrament meeting and Sunday school the fire alarm went off. And look who showed up

Wow that was a VERY long post, sorry! As you can see, it was a very fun weekend. I’m sad it was the last one of the semester, after this week all of Rexburg dies and Mark & I will be pretty much the only people here 😦

Thanks to everyone who has made this semester great, lots of couple dates, girls nights, snookie, Mark, Chris & Kyle for still inviting us even though we are married, we love all of you guys and cherish our friendships with each of you.


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