family night

last night we had our first real FHE…I know, we have almost been married for a whole year and we just had our first fhe! well in our defense we use to work every monday night…and then we started doing couple dates with some friends on monday nights.
Anyways, when I got home from work last night I tried this new recipe, which was delish! then Mark told me he had planned a family home evening for us! I was in charge of songs so we sang once there was a snowman, yes in the middle of july 🙂 then he pulled out the scriptures and read about charity. Then for our activity he thought it would be fun to make a candy board to take to our good friends the Hancocks. I had never made a candy board before so I was really excited. After hitting up the gym we went to the store and got a bunch of candy that we thought would make for a good laugh. He had so much fun trying to think of what to say with the candy and how to make it thoughtful as well. I have to admit, it wasn’t really pretty, but I am confident that with practice this could become a new talent for us!
Thanks Mark for the wonderful family night!


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