butterfly butt

In 8th grade I remember I use to get this clothing catalog, I can’t even remember what it was called anymore but there was this pair of jeans that were super flared and had butterflies on the butt instead of pockets, I was obsessed with them. I remember I circled them in the catalog and kept telling my mom how cute they were and how bad I really wanted them. She said they were cute but I couldn’t get them.
Then for my birthday she ordered them for me and I was so shocked! I was so excited to wear them to school the next day. I thought I was so hot in those jeans. They were my favorite. I remember thinking “how many times can I wear them in one week without people noticing?”
I remember towards the end of my freshman year of high school Clark made fun of me for wearing my butterfly jeans {even though I had worn them all year.} I was sad because I still thought they were cute but it was time to grow up. No more butterfly jeans.
Thanks for my favorite pair of butterfly jeans, Mom!

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