taxis sono qui….sono qui!

For the past couple of months I’ve been reading through our Europe books, trying to absorb every ounce of information so I can plan the most amazing trip we’ll ever go on. Except it’s been a little overwhelming to try and plan this once in a lifetime trip all by myself. From flights to where we will stay, how long we will be in each city, how to communicate with people (the only thing we know how to say is “taxis sono qui” aka “taxis are here” {thank you pauly d on jersey shore!}) I’ve been getting a little annoyed that Mark hasn’t even picked up the Europe books. I want him to be excited too!
And then it happened. Last night he picked up the Europe book and started checking out different cities! He started getting really into it and searching on the comp while thumbing through the book. Then he made a list of cities from each country that looked cool/sounded interesting. It made me so happy to see that this is actually going to happen and it’s something he wants to do too! Europe 2012, here we come!
Ever since I went to Italy with my parents in 2007 I’ve been dying to go back. I have always hoped that someday I would go back with my husband and create so many amazing memories there. Well it’s happening!
I’m so grateful for Mark and for him making my dreams come true every day.


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