not all the way grown up yet

Recently I’ve been reading The Hunger Games {great books by the way, i definitely recommend them}, it is a little bit scary the way the portray government, and somewhat true. It is very extreme but it shows how powerful government can become and in return how corrupt.
Now, I’m not very political and can’t pretend to be very knowledgeable, but I hear a lot from Mark {he knows his stuff} but I ran across this clip that I think says it perfectly. 
I’m still not sure how I feel about Mitt Romney, he seems like a good, honest guy {I think you could take the best person and put them in the president’s position and they can become corrupt or swayed by congress/peers…}
Hopefully our government can work out its problems…I don’t want to go into the Hunger Games…
I know this is wrong, but I hardly ever watch the news because it seems that everything “newsworthy” is sad or depressing. 
It’s scary growing up. Especially now that I’m not neive and have to worry about what is going on. Working at a real estate company, I’m really glad I’m not all the way grown up yet and don’t have to buy a house right now and make mortgage payments, or really worry about what the government is doing {i know I should worry about it but I still have a little while longer to still be a “kid”}
I think I’ll just stick with my shallow shows like Jersey Shore, Grey’s anatomy, and AFV.

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