1 year down, Eternity to go

This weekend Mark and I celebrated our first anniversary! It is so crazy to me to think that we have been married for a whole year. Our actual wedding seems forever ago but this year went by really fast {if that makes any sense}
Being that our anniversary was on Sunday, we decided to celebrate on Saturday. I couldn’t sleep at all on Friday night, 1. because I was too excited for my 1st anniversary and 2. because I wasn’t feeling well in the middle of the night {it was like heart burn, but below my heart, weird huh?!} 3. because Mark woke up every two hours to pee…who does that? only little kids! Then I woke up to Mark getting dressed and putting shoes on at 7:45. I kept asking him where he was going and to just sleep in because it was Saturday but he said he had a surprise for me and I had to stay in bed until he came and got me. I woke up about a half our later to some rustling in the living room and Mark laughing quietly every once in a while. Subconsciously I thought {hoped} he had gotten me a kitten! I tried to be patient but I kept dreaming {I was half awake} about a cute little kitten running into our room when Mark opened the door and it jumping on our bed and snuggling with me. Then I got really anxious so I called Mark’s name. I kept asking him when I could come out. He said 5 more minutes….about 8 minutes later I warned him that I was coming out because I couldn’t wait any longer. He finally let me come out and I saw the big surprise! Mark had made me a HUGE candy board, except it was a love candy board. It was really sweet {because it was candy…get it?! and because I have always wanted a candy board!} Mark is really good at making candy boards, he is so witty and funny. He had also gotten me amazing roses {they looked like fire!} and a sweet card. Although it was not a kitten, it was a great surprise to wake up to 🙂
Then I made us some waffles with nutella {and remembered that I don’t like waffles unless I’m at dennys, IHOP, or Country waffles.}
Then I had a surprise for Mark! I am the WORST at keeping surprises from Mark, he always makes fun of me for it. I just get so excited and I want to tell him so I hint at it and he finally guesses it. But this time I tried extra hard to not have a single slip up. I didn’t talk about or think about it all week. The other day Mark was trying to guess my surprise and somehow I got him to think that I was taking him to the madison gym to play on the trampolines and foam pit and rock wall…what a weird idea for an anniversary, I don’t know why he thought that was all I was capable of {we did that for his birthday this year, it was a surprise also!} Anyways, we got in the car and I told him I had to get cash so we stopped at Wells Fargo, then made our way to my surprise. The Madison gym is pretty much on the same street as wells fargo, just about a couple miles down, so when I turned onto a different street and started going the other direction, Mark started getting annoyed. He kept saying things like “kelli don’t go in circles and try to trick me. Don’t waste gas. Come on Kelli just go the right way.” I was dying inside. It was so funny! I played it off pretty good and he was so annoyed/confused. But I wasn’t going in circles or trying to trick him, I was going straight to my surprise, which was Sage Day Spa! He had no idea even when we pulled in the parking lot! Then I parked right in front of the spa and he got it. We were getting couples massages. {i’ve had a gift card for a while that I got from the owners of 5buck. Mark has been asking me every week if he could use it, I pretended to be super selfish and mad every time he asked for it.} The massages were amazing and just what we needed. Mark loved it and it was all perfect! I was so proud of myself. Got ya Mark!
When we got home Mark had another trick up his sleeve. He had gotten a small box and wanted to make a time capsule of our first year of marriage! It was really fun going through the past year and finding ticket stubs or sentimental memories from our first year of marriage to put in the box. We decided that we are going to open it on our 25th anniversary, 2035! {if the world still exists by then…} Mark is so thoughtful and sweet and comes up with the best ideas. I love him.
Then we just hung out and relaxed until it was time to get ready for dinner. Mark wanted to surprise me with dinner, however, earlier in the week he let it slip that we were going to Jackson Hole for dinner! I love Jackson! We got all dressed up and fancy for dinner because Mark wanted to pretend that we were famous, because famous people visit Jackson, we saw Payton Manning there one year. Mark was really funny the whole night there. He kept saying things like he owned a sports team or asking me if I’ve talked to LC lately, what a dork! He led me to the restaurant and I was shocked. It was the nicest restaurant
We had a wonderful dinner, it was so good! If you are ever in Jackson and want a really nice {pricey} dinner, go to Snake River Grille!
It was a perfect anniversary. I loved it. I’m so lucky to be married to my goofy, fun loving husband. It’s so surreal that we have been married for a whole year. It wasn’t always easy, that’s for sure. We’ve had our rough spots and late night fights. We get annoyed of each other. You don’t have the same butterflies as you did when you were dating but you have so much more. I have my best friend to play uno with every night. To wake up next to every morning. To be my strength and anchor. To laugh with. To make fun of annoying neighbors with. To hold me when I cry over stupid nothings. To chase cats with. To long board with. To encourage me to work out. To compliment me on my cooking. To watch the office with. To spend eternity with.
They say the first year is the hardest. If that is true, we are going to have an amazing life! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us. I can’t wait to be crazy busy running our kids to sports practice and looking back on today, wishing we could go back to just the two of us in our tiny one room apartment, being bored to death on Sunday afternoons in Rexburg.
I love you Mark and there is no one I would rather spend my forever with. I love our yesterdays full of dating, trials and long distance, our todays in quiet Rexburg with our quiet life, and our tomorrows with traveling the world, babies, puppies and kittens & who knows what’s in store!


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