stupid blister + dmv

After walking around Jackson on our anniversary, my new 5inch heals gave me huge blisters. Yesterday one of them got a little infected somehow and turned puffy and my whole foot was swollen, red, and hot! I could barely hobble around the office. When Mark picked me up he thought I was joking and called me a pirate. I was in so much pain though, I couldn’t even wiggle my toes, weird huh?!
I decided that I need to go to the doctor because we are going home tomorrow and I didn’t want to have a miserable trip. {I hate going to the doctor. I NEVER go because they tell you what you already know, yup you have a cough. yeah you have the flu, you’re just going to have to wait it out…they do nothing for you except charge you money to sit in their office.} But I felt like i needed to go. so I went. I dropped Mark off at the gym to play basketball and headed over to community care. I walked up to the girl at the desk. She asked what I need to see a doctor for and I said, very embarrassed, “I have a blister on my foot that I think is infected.” {I felt so dumb, is that even a reason to see a doctor? Am I being stupid?} But it was a good thing I went because the doctor said it was  little infected so he walked me into the exam room and made me sit on the bed. He put a big blue pad under my foot and made me roll up my pant leg. Then he rubbed iodine on it and pulled out some scissors! He said it was going to hurt a little…that was quite the understatement! He didn’t numb it or anything, and mind you, the area around the blister was so sore that I could barely touch it! And to make it even worse, he didn’t just cut the loose blister off, he cut off the skin around it too to make sure there was no infection left! I had to hold my breath, squish my face and clench my hands into fists. I let out a few “ohh, ouch’s” but all in all I’m glad I went! I feel so much better today! I can walk almost pain free!

Well, tomorrow we are heading home to California! I can’t wait to see my family and eat at all the amazing places like Amici’s, Domenicos, Bagel street cafe, the Great Impasta, Luna Loca…the list could go on and on!  Also, I just made an appointment at the DMV to change my name on my license! finally. I figured I need to do it so I can renew my passport since my social security card is changed to Warren, everything needs to be the same. I will officially be Kelli Warren on Thursday at 4:00! {since the appointment is so late, I’m going to take my two little sisters Taylor and Courtney to the beautiful Walnut Creek outdoor mall with and probably to lunch. might as well make sister bonding out of the DMV trip! (usually I would be so annoyed to have to go spend hours at the DMV but I’m so excited to go home that nothing can ruin it for me)}
I’m goin, goin, back, back , to cali, cali!


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