Mr. mom

I always dreamed of marrying a guy who liked to do the dishes, made our bed, did our laundry, went grocery shopping, made my lunch, pretty much a Mr. Mom…until I married one! Ok so Mark doesn’t enjoy doing all of the above but he does them for me while I’m at work or when I’m feeling lazy when I get home from work. At first I really liked that he took care of all those things for me because I was really busy but lately its been making me feel…worthless? We got home from our vacation on Sunday night we unpacked {which is probably a first for me. usually my suitcase lays on the floor overflowing with clothes for a few days.} On Monday morning Mark made my lunch, dropped me off at work, went to walmart to get things like milk to hold us over until we go grocery shopping tonight, picked me up from work, had flipped our matric topper to get rid of the buldges, made dinner, ran the dishwasher…the list goes on and on.

Last night I felt so bad and guilty that he does so much. He kept reassuring me that it was ok because I’m really busy. I appreciate all he does for me, he’s a great husband. I vow that when we move from Rexburg and Mark works full time I will make him a lunch every day until he retires. Is it weird that I’m actually a little excited to be a stay at home mom one day so I can clean, do the laundry and go to the grocery store?

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