feeling crafty

Well today is the first day of September and you can already feel a change in the weather…we’ve been sleeping with our window open to try and cool off our apartment and last night we actually got so cold that we had to close the window! I even wore a sweatshirt to work {today was a lazy, didn’t have time to shower, get ready as fast as you can, day.} With fall just around the corner, I’ve been really anxious to make some diy fall decorations. {have I mentioned I’m excited for fall haha} Our apartment could use a cute fall wreath and definitely a pumpkin spice or apple cider candle 🙂

I’ve been addicted to pinterest lately and have pinned some fall crafts I want to make here. The only problem is, I’m not real crafty…so I would love make some fall decor with a friend or two. Any takers?

P.S. usually I do the traditional pumpkin carving {last year we did disney characters} but I found these owl pumpkins and I’m totally making one this year!! How cute are they? and they are SUPER easy!


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