3 day weekend full of vomit

This weekend was a three day weekend, but for me it was more of three days of sickie!
I was looking forward to relaxing this weekend after being worn out from our vaca home. On Saturday morning I made an appointment to donate plasma {Mark and I decided it would be the perfect way to pay for our Europe trip.} 2 hours later, after sitting in the waiting chairs forever by 2 smelly guys with dirt under their nails {and me thinking, eww I would never want their plasma even if I was dying} and getting my physical, I was sitting in the big green chair, watching the football game with the fat needle in my arm. I looked down at my yellowish arm from the Iodine and saw a big clump of blood, that was weird, usually there isn’t blood on your arm. 2 or 3 flabotomists had come over to press buttons on my screen and making faces like something was wrong. One of the guys said he needed to push the needle in farther because the blood wasn’t really flowing. about 5-10 minutes later I started feeling light headed and nausious. It felt like the blood was draining into my stomach {in case you don’t know how plasma works, they pull blood out and then seperate the red blood cells and plasma in a machine and then the machine puts the blood back into your arm, in about 5 minute intervals.} I looked around for someone to help me but I couldn’t make a sound. I was really cold but then started to sweat. Finally one of the flabotomists walked by and I told him I wasn’t feeling well. He called over another guy, probably because he didn’t want to deal with a sick girl haha. The other guy that he called over was the one who had put the needle in farther. He told someone to bring an ice pack and he started messing with the machine. I told him I wasn’t feeling well. Then I got urgent and said I need a trash can. He looked confused and said “now?” What kind of a question is that? Yes now! He got me a trash can and instantly my scrambled eggs came spewing up {thanks for the breakfast babe, it was good at the time.} I was so embarrassed. I was one of those girls. The next few minutes were a little blurry but I somehow texted Mark to come pick me up and told him I was sick. The next thing I knew he was walking into the donation room and came and stood next to me. The doctor that was monitoring me got really confused which made me confused so I told Mark to wait for me outside. After laying there for 30 minutes and getting my vitals checked by the doctor 3 times, they finally let me go. I got my $25 and ditched that pop sickle stand {I wish they would have had pop sickles.} Poor Mark felt so bad for making me donate plasma. He kept telling me I never had to go back.
That was just the beginning of my sick weekend. I layed on the couch the rest of the day, which was actually quite exhausting. So a few hours after Mark went to work that night I decided I needed to get out and go on a little jog. I had planned on jogging to the gym but didn’t think I would be able to work out and then get home, so I just went to 5 buck to visit Mark. After visiting for a while, I wasn’t feeling well enough to jog home so Mark drove me.
Sunday was a good day. I didn’t feel sick and my lesson went relatively well…I hate teaching.
Then on Monday, Mark had to work, of course I get a day off and he has to work. I went to the gym with Jamie. We jogged there. I was feeling great. But after about 15 minutes of working out I started feeling sick and realized it was the first day of my new cycle of birth control. It makes me sick every month. So I hindered Jamie’s work out but hopefully she’ll give me another chance. After Mark got off work we went to the fair with a group of friends in our ward, the Sorrenson’s and the Langi’s and their friends T and Marissa and their cute baby girl. We had so much fun walking around, looking at the ridiculously priced rides which are sketchy anyways, being haggled by the carnies, and then eating wayy too much fried food. {the fried food will come into the story shortly.} Then we watched a hypnotist show. I wish someone in our group would have been chosen so we would know if it was real or not. The best part of the show was Mark. He sat there cracking up so hard the entire time. I loved it. It made me laugh.
We ran into abby and cruiz! well actually abby jumped me and jamie, we were scared. But it was soo good seeing those cute love birds. As we walked out of the fair they walked behind us. I loved listening to them laugh and giggle together. They are so cute! I’m so happy for them.
I was so tired on the drive home, I couldn’t wait to go to sleep. But when we got in bed I wasn’t feeling so good. I felt really hot and kept asking Mark to feel my face to see if it was hot. He said I felt fine, but I knew I wasn’t. In the middle of the night I was in that in between state, where I wasn’t sound asleep, my eyes were open but I thought I was asleep. Then I started having nightmares of food surrounding me, no joke. I got up and went to the bathroom, knowing that I was gonna barf. I stood in the bathroom for about 5 minutes almost in tears just wishing that I could throw up. and then I did. It was awful. I never want to eat a corn dog again. rancid is really the only word to describe it. My throat was so torn up. I brushed my teeth and got back in bed, still not feeling any better. Mark woke up and asked if I had been sick all night. He asked if I needed a bowl and I said yes. But while he was getting me a bowl, another surge came on and I ran to the bathroom. This time was even more painful and more rancid. at this point I knew it was food poisoning and I wanted to die. About 10 minutes later and another brushing of the teeth, I came out of the bathroom and went into the bedroom to find Mark with our kitchen trashcan next to the bed. He had changed the bag so it was a clean one. What a sweet husband. I climbed into bed and he came and sat next to me and rubbed my back. After a few minutes I told him I was fine and to get back in bed. Very hesitantly he did but continued to rub my back.  We both fell asleep like that 🙂 I did not want to wake up this morning but I had to be to work early for a meeting. Now I’m at work and am still not feeling well and am contemplating asking my boss if I can go home. I just feel bad because I had yesterday off and he just gave me 2 weeks off to go home!

Here’s a shout out to the best husband in the world. Thank you for waking up at 3:30 to get me a trashcan and to rub my back. You took such great care of me this weekend. I love you very much. Isn’t it crazy that 4 years ago about this time we were meeting each other and coming up to school and calling each other to hang out because we didn’t know anyone else. We have been through so much. trial, tears, hardship, happiness, laughter, vomit, tonsillitis, pink eye, i love yous, 850 miles, broken hearts, best memories, best friends. I wouldn’t have it be any other way or with any one else. I love you mark.


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