It changed my life.

After work yesterday Mark and I had to run to Walmart to pick up a few things {aka a hot glue gun and some felt, craft projects here I come!} It turned out to be a bad idea. All the freshman and their parents were at walmart getting school supplies and food. A couple hours later we drove up to the temple to attend a session and saw thousands of freshman on the upper fields doing some team bonding. {there are sooo many freshman this semester, this school is growing like crazy!}
Seeing all these freshman, I couldn’t help but reminisce back to my own freshman year. I was not excited to come to Idaho to go to school while all my friends were going to beautiful schools in California or Oregon. I was so nervous because I didn’t know anyone except for Shelly Russon, we were planning on living in the same hall, they ended up putting us in the same room, which was a nice surprise. One of our roommates never came so I got the whole room to myself, it was wonderful! As we pulled up to my dorm my heart was pounding so hard. My whole world was about to change. New home, new roommates, new friends, new me. I was nervous and excited at the same time.
I had met Mark a few weeks prior to coming up to college, I was dating his friend Brandon who I had known since 8th grade. Brandon introduced me and Mark because we were both going up to BYU-I. {long story-Mark’s gf didn’t like me and told Mark that he couldn’t hang out with me…good thing he didn’t listen to her :)}
The night our parents left, Mark texted me and asked if me and my roommates wanted to go over to his apartment to hang out with him and his roommates. Me, Shelly, and our roommate Shalee walked across campus and a couple blocks down to Mark’s apartment. The three of us were nervous and awkward and we all squished on one tiny little love seat and were sweating all night hahah!
That semester/year was full of break ups, getting back together, flirting, butterflies, tears, good friends, annoyances, eating in the galley, soft serve ice cream, ben and jerry’s ice cream, dance parties, roommate bonding….It changed my life. it changed who I am and who I would become. It lead me to marry Mark. It lead me to best friends. I loved that time. I want to go back and do it again, of course there are many things I would do differently but it all worked out for the best and blessed my life.

 First semester. Love you Shelly, Amanda, Heather, and Shalee!

 I wanted to see what the boys dorms looked like so I dressed up as a boy
 When Mark still had a gf so he wouldn’t stand by me in any pics haha
 Second semester roomies and fhe bros
 First semester with Mark, Shelly, Chase, Logan, and Chris

Thanks for the memories πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “It changed my life.

  1. Travis and I always reminence on that semester!! So much fun!! We would love if you and Mark came out here sometime and we can all go riding!!! πŸ˜€ Miss you tons Kell and I am SO glad you are doing so well!!!

  2. Thanks Shalee! We really miss you guys. I had sooo much fun with you that semester, I always tell Mark I'm selfish and wish you wouldn't have gotten married so we could have been roomies for the rest of college hahah! But I'm glad you married Travis, you guys are the best! we would loveee to come visit. Love and miss you shay!

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