So our neighbors that live above us are hands down the strangest people I have never officially met…They have lived above us for at least 2 semesters, I can’t really remember when they moved in, that apartment has always been such a mystery.
But our first impression of them was not a good one…the night they moved in they put a tv in their bedroom, which is directly over ours, and they put it right on top of the air vent. When they turned it on, at 3:00 in the morning, we woke up thinking we were in a movie theater, it was soo loud! So of course, me being the sweet, patient person that I am, grabbed the broom and banged on the ceiling and yelled “turn it down!” I think they got the point 🙂
My next encounter confussed me. I got a package in the mail but I wasn’t home so the UPS guy took it to their apartment, which was weird, why not just next door? So when I got home and saw the note on our door I ran upstairs thinking this is a great chance to meet our upstairs neighbors. When I knocked on the door the wife answered and looked startled. She had the box sitting next to the door and hurried and picked it up and handed it to me. She acted like she was frightened and didn’t speak english…then closed the door. Weird, right?! {and it’s not like this was the morning after the tv/banging on the ceiling incident, this was weeks later.}

One time his car battery wouldn’t start so he asked us to push him down the parking lot and assured us it would start. So we, Mark and I, push him in his car down the parking lot as fast as we can and we reach the road and it still didn’t start… He said thanks and got out and walked back to his apartment…

They both get home from school really late, like 10:00. We always know when they get home because they bang cupboards and things around super loud and for an hour straight. Ok, I know cooking can get hectic and loud, but not that loud! Mark thinks they have a bowling ball and practice in the hall every night.
She is now probably 6 or 7 months prego and he won’t drive her in the car anywhere. He makes her ride her bike! To church in a skirt, home from school in the dark and he is never with her. If they are together he is always 500 feet ahead. Then they put their bikes in the middle of the walkway to our door, they are too lazy to take the 2 extra seconds to put them under the stairs like everyone else. So lately I’ve been a friendly neighbor and have been moving their bikes for them…more like throwing them under the stairs and not caring how nicely they are set up. I’m hoping they get the message…It’s been a week and they haven’t yet, but I’m willing to keep trying.
Mark is super awkward around them, because I bang on the ceiling occasionally when they are being rude and inconsiderate?! Whenever they are coming or going from their apartment, Mark makes us wait in our apartment, or the car for them to leave so he doesn’t have to confront them. I think it’s funny.

They are just a super strange couple, Mark thinks he has autism or asperger’s syndrome. I think they are vampires {they are always awake! What are they going to do when the baby comes?!}

I don’t really know why I wrote this post but I think its funny {when I’m not at home and annoyed with them.}

Dear upstairs neighbors,
Please be more normal. Put your bikes away and stop slamming things {like the door, cupboards and toilet seat!}
You’re weird.
The Warrens


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