This girl is ready!

I am sooo ready and anxious for this weekend for a few reasons:

1.) I need to get out of this office, today has been quite an experience. An engineer for a company that rents out one of my bosses properties came over looking for a door nob he had dropped off in our office 2 years ago…yeah 2 YEARS ago, I’ve only worked here since May, there have been 3 secretaries since then! I tried to call my boss but he had no idea. And then the guy started getting snappy with me and came around my desk and started going through my drawers looking for it! He came back three more times asking me if I had found it yet and rambling on and I just tried to put on my best smile.

2.) I’m so excited for a relaxing weekend with the hubbs watching inspired men and women speak at conference! I need some uplifting words.

3.) I’m going to get donuts for conference tomorrow morning!

4.) We are making chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream Sunday morning with Chris, Alex and possibly some of their roommates! I love those boys and love spending time with Mark’s best friends.

The only thing that could make this weekend better is if we could move the tv into our bedroom tonight so we can watch conference in bed in the morning! But Mark doesn’t want to move the tv, what a party pooper! Maybe I’ll move it by myself while he’s at work tonight, yes it is a 64inch big screen tv 🙂 {us Barker girls are stronger than we look! My mom use to move entire rooms around like once a week, including large dressers, beds, ottomans…it’s in my blood}


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