Happy Halloween weekend

This weekend we didn’t do too much, but we did have some high lights.

First one of my best friends, Glenna, came up to visit with her bf Ioua. We met up with them for dinner at wingers Friday night. Then we went back to our apartment to play Just Dance 3 with them, their friend McKay, Adria, Emily, her friend Seth, and Zan. Party at the married complex!!! At about 1:30 we finally kicked them out, which was way past my bed time. Sorry neighbors if we were loud!

Then Saturday Mark and I both woke up late and were grumpy. We had planned to go to the temple, and although neither one of us were in the mood, we new it was what we needed. We had a wonderful session and I’m so glad we went. Everything we were grumpy about went away and we were so happy sitting in the Celestial room. Then the second we walked out the temple doors, it seemed like we were instantly grumpy {which is mostly my fault, I will admit}

So I decided I needed to go to the gym, since we didn’t have any plans anyways and Mark was going to go play bball with some friends. I decided I wanted to jog to the gym. On my way there, I passed a little old lady who was raking the leaved in her yard. I instantly started bawling, I don’t really know why, I guess because my emotions caught up with me and seeing her bent over trying to rake her leaves broke my heart, and my biggest fear is getting old and not being able to do anything for myself. So after a minute I pulled myself together and gathered the courage to go over and ask to help her. She was so excited that I wanted to help. She had a TON of leaves! It took about an hour and a half to rake the leaves into piles and scoop them into trash bags {I can’t imagine how long it would have taken her by herself!}, and have a great conversation with this sweet lady. It was exactly what I needed. Plus I got to meet her cat, which made it even better 🙂 The second I picked up the rake, I felt 100% better.

Then I ran to the gym and worked out for a little bit and then headed to the basketball courts to find Mark and tell him about my experience. I walked around every court looking for him, but I couldn’t find him. So I walked back through the gym to run home. As I was walking out the doors I saw my cute hubby. He asked me where I’d been, he said he’d been looking for me for hours. I left my phone at home and he’d been trying to call me, oops!! He told me he had called Rachel and all our friends looking for me, what a cutie!

Then when we got home there were the most beautiful roses on the counter! What a sweet guy!

After dinner we went to Kiwi Loco with Brent and Jamie and then walked down the street to look at the pumpkins in the carving contest. There were some pretty amazing ones!

I loveeee Hocus Pocus!

Me and Mark with the Sanderson Sisters

Of course, this was my favorite pumpkin!


Thank you for coming weekend!

Dear Weekend,

I’m soo excited/relieved you are here. This week has been a very stressful one, it’s taken a long time to get to you. Please go reallllly slow so I can relax and have fun with the hubby, and with Glenna! I’m going to just forget this weekend is Halloween, since we aren’t going to the ward party tonight because Mark has work and there’s really nothing to do on Halloween in Rexburg when you’re married and don’t have kids. Hopefully we will be able to go to the straw maze with Glenna and Ioua though!

Also, just take a message when Monday calls.

home away from home

I couldn’t stop listening to Justin Bieber & Usher’s new version of “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”. I love it!

I’m soo excited for the next couple of months. I can’t wait to go down to my cute grandma’s house down in Utah for Thanksgiving, it’s my home away from home. It’s the best stress reliever to go hang out there. I’m going to help her with Thanksgiving dinner, aka go grocery shopping with her and help make everything! I’m actually really excited.

Then the day after Thanksgiving I WILL be listening to Justin Bieber’s Christmas Album on repeat.

no holiday cheer

So I really love fall/all holidays. Maybe it’s because I have little sisters so we celebrate everything still or maybe it’s because I’m not fully grown up yet. But I love doing all things festive. But Mark is the youngest in his family, so he didn’t do all the typical holiday things once his brothers moved out. So how do I get him to want to do all the stupid, cheesy holiday things?

I REALLY wanted to go to a pumpkin patch this weekend, expecting to search for the perfect pumpkin, getting apple cider and hopefully a hay ride. So to make it more enticing to Mark, I said we should invite some friends, that got him! But then no one could go with us. So then Mark lost the little enthusiasm he had.
I did convince him to at least get pumpkins from Walmart with me, but he just grabbed the first one he saw. He didn’t care to search through to find the best ones. Then he was really procrastinating carving them. I wanted to the second we got home, of course, but I didn’t push it. After 4 hours I went out side and brought the pumpkins in myself and started carving.
He won’t ask his boss to get off work a couple hours early for the ward Halloween party this year {maybe I’ll go by myself as a widow?} He won’t dress up. Annnnnnd he already told me he never wants to go to Christmas tree farms and pick out a tree, he just wants a fake on!

Why didn’t I know he was a bah hum bug before I married him?! This has to change.

blazing love

I would really love some blazers, but when I was in Utah a couple weeks ago I didn’t find any {fyi the ones at forever 21 suck! they have no shape to them, it was like a lab coat}

Why is there no H&M anywhere around here?!

shorty Christmas

I don’t know what is so intriguing about the Biebes, but I can’t help but love him and his songs.

His new Mistletoe single came out yesterday and I have listened to it more than I want to admit. I’m pretty sure his catch phrase is “shorty with you,” seems like he says it in every song, but it never gets old! He’s just a little boy, ok not that little anymore, who is experienced in love?!

Regardless, I will be buying his Christmas album as soon as it comes out! I have a feeling it is going to be great, how can it not be with all the musicians he’s collaborated with for this album. I’m especially excited to hear “All I want for Christmas is you” with him and Mariah Carey! That song is one of my favorite Christmas songs! I sing my heart out in the car to it year round.

2 people making 1 forever

You know marriage is a crazy thing. Mark and I have been married for a little over a year now. We have by no means mastered marriage or anything but I have learned quite a few things in the past year.
We went through some difficult and trying experiences before we got married. Our dating relationship was no where near perfect or story book and neither is our marriage. There have been so many days where I look at other couples and wish we were more like them, more playful, carefree, happy? In the beginning of our marriage I felt like we were forcing conversations a lot. Why didn’t it come naturally anymore? But what I have come to realize is that we are all those things, just not all the time. And neither are those couples that I long to be more like. Individually and in relationships we compare our worst to other peoples best. It has usually been on a bad day or a day when either one of us are grumpy or stressed that I look at the other couple laughing together, out on a simple date to the cocoa bean or something. There’s no way they are like that every day, and we aren’t grumpy everyday.
No relationship is perfect all the time. So I shouldn’t be so hard on us. Because I have been more happy this past year than I can remember my whole life. And those forced convos have seemed to disappear. Maybe it’s because we aren’t together 24-7 anymore, we work at different places and don’t see each other until 9:00 at night, or maybe it’s because we have learned to become a team and learned each other’s love languages. Whatever it is, it’s perfect. Because it’s us. I don’t feel like we are trying to be another couple. How could we, I mean I don’t know anyone as goofy as Mark.
I’m grateful to be at this place we are at in our marriage. I’m so grateful for Mark and all he is. It’s those small moments while watching Who’s Line, playing uno in bed every night, and learning how to make each other happy that make everything worth it.
Not every day is perfect. I’m not a perfect wife and he’s not a perfect husband. But we are trying, and more importantly we are trying to make each other happy.

a girl can only hope!

Mark just called me to tell me that our neighbors upstairs, yeah the ones that I wrote this post about a few weeks ago, are moving boxes out of their apartment!
Could my prayers be answered?! Could they really be moving?
I told Mark to go out there and ask if they are moving, and if they need help. and then say too bad, you should have been quieter and more respectful of others.

I really hope they are moving and not just moving stuff into storage.


Worked out in my new kicks last!
A-ma-zing! I was so motivated. They are so light and comfy. I can’t wait to go to the gym tonight!
If you’re looking for new shoes for the gym, definitely get the nike free run +

I guess every time I need motivation to go to the gym I just need to buy some new cross trainers 🙂

Friends, food, fun, fright?!

What a weekend. {I feel like I’ve been saying that a lot lately, maybe it’s because it’s really the only time I get to spend with my cute hubby since he we don’t see each other until 8:30 or 9 every night}

My last post, I complained about being sick…and I was sick all weekend but when we woke up on Saturday morning I headed straight to the pharmacy to get my mysterious prescription filled. I asked the pharmacist if it would help a sinus infection, because that was my new guess as to what was wrong with me. He looked at me strangely and asked “didn’t your doctor explain this medicine to you?” um no, actually he didn’t. So the pharmacist explained this lovely z-pack to me. He handed me the meds, I took one look at it and started laughing! it was azythromicin! Anyone who knows me, knows that I love the movie The House Bunny and in the movie she talks about how she had an allergic reaction to azythromicin but continued taking it because it made her skin glow. Needless to say, the second I swallowed that pill I turned to Mark and asked him, in my stuffy, congested, 5 year old sounding voice, if my skin was glowing! It was a continuous joke between us all weekend. Mark would look at me randomly and say “oh my gosh! Your skin! It’s glowing!” One time I fell for it and got super excited and looked at my skin…not glowing!

Wow that was a tangent!

Anyways, we lounged around the apartment for most of the day, watching movies on tv, such as 101 dalmatians {the real one, no the cartoon verson}, I love that movie and laughed like a little kid. Then we finally got ready for the day and headed down to Idaho Falls. First stop, Target to exchange my slippers for a larger size so they will be super comfy. The BYU football game was on the radio and I could tell that Mark really wanted to listen. So I told him to just sit in the car and listen to the game while I ran in. He looked so excited and said “thanks, I would just want to spend money on electronics if I went in anyways.”

After target, we went over to the mall to get me some new workout shoes! I was really nervous to have Mark go with me because I thought he would freak out about the price, but he was actually rly encouraging and wanted me to get them. So I am now the proud owner of these beauties!

Then we went to dinner at Olive Garden! Yum! {except I have a really terrible sense of taste right now because I’m sick} but it was a lot of fun and we couldn’t stop laughing due to our waitress {i think she was new}, people around us and memories of coming to Olive Garden for our first Valentine’s day and Mark telling the waitress I was his sister…

We then went to WinCo for the first time. Rexburg groceries are a rip off so we’ve been wanting to try out Winco. It was a pretty good experience. {obviously not as good as Costo/Safeway, but it will do}

Then we got home from IF around 8 and called our friends, The Rocks, to see if they wanted to go to the haunted mill with us. The line was the longest I’ve ever seen! We stood in line for a whole hour! It was the most interesting line I’ve ever seen there. We had some lesbians in front of us, which I’m fairly use to being from the Bay Area, but it’s really weird seeing in Rexburg. It seemed like everyone in line was drinking. Then   a double date of 30 something year olds cut in front of us after we had been in line for 45 minutes. They were wasted and I just kept staring them down, and maybe making some not so quiet remarks to/about them. Sometimes I have a loud mouth and it makes Mark nervous because he thinks he’s going to punched because of me. I thought I was really excited for the haunted mill, until we started going! They changed it a lot this year, lots more crawling and much scarier. I hate feeling scared! The whole time I was holding on to Mark as tight as I could and he kept saying annoying things like “are you ok? what’s wrong?” I just kept saying “Shut up Mark!” I was glad to get out of there, but it was fun.

Last night we had the Sorensons’ and Lisa (Joe had to do hw) over to play Just Dance 3 and make treats! I didn’t get to play because I wasn’t feeling too good still and I was in the middle of making Red Velvet cake balls! It was my first time making them, and they turned out pretty dang good! It was so funny to watch Mark and Brent play just dance by themselves, they were loving it!

We had such a great weekend, obviously! We are so grateful for the wonderful friends we have in our life.