G.N.O. {girls night out}

This weekend was good, how can it not be with all the amazing talks that are given at General Conference. But somehow I’m even more tired from laying on the couch all weekend 🙂
Shout out to my best friends Melissa and Glenna.
I thought about you both a lot this weekend. I really miss you. I miss going down to conference with you! The first time I went with you guys was quite an experience.
Melissa came down to Utah to meet me at my grandma Bev’s house. We didn’t really know each other that well but Mel took a chance and gave me a chance. We had the best weekend listening to too much Hannah Montana and shopping at the Gateway. We met up with Kim and Glenna for dinner at PF Chang’s and then more shopping 🙂 On our walk back to the Gateway this homeless man started following us. Glenna grabbed my keys and put them between her fingers and said she would shank him if he tried to hurt us. We walked a little faster and cut the corner, luckily we lost him, Glenna didn’t have to do anything drastic. I think that weekend started the best friendships I’ve ever had. The truest friends I’ve ever had.
I think the next 3 or 4 conference weekends we spent down at Gma Bev’s. 
I really miss you girls. But watching conference I felt connected to you both because I knew you were watching too! Thanks for being such great influences on me.
Thanks for giving me a chance and being my friends, and seeing my potential.
I don’t know where I would have been without you Mel. I wouldn’t have met Glenna if it weren’t for you. 
You girls are my besties 🙂
Shopping at the Gateway!
Dinner at PF Chang’s
We were are weird. We collected all the plants from gma Bev’s house and made a forest. Can you spot Kim?!

One thought on “G.N.O. {girls night out}

  1. Um this blog made me cry Kel! You are so sweet. I'm so grateful for you and our incredible friendship. You have always been such an amazing friend and example to me and those kind of friends are so hard to come by! You and Glenna are the very best friends I could ever ask for. Friends forever fo sho. Love you sooooo much!

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