Happy 100th!

So this is my 100th post!!!! 
Happy birthday blog?! I think that’s pretty good considering I only started blogging in March, only 7 months ago.

I’ve been so excited for this 100th post that I have been waiting for something funny, awkward or post-worthy to happen to me. I even told Mark last night the exciting news and asked what I should blog about and he looked at me like I was speaking another language. But it’s been a little anti-climatic.

I guess the most post-worthy thing that happened to me in the past couple days was that Mark got me to watch  The Others with him last night, and all of you who know me, know that I do not handle scary movies well so I don’t watch them, I may sit in the same room with a blanket over my head playing on my ipod or something. But I just freak myself out with scary movies. My mind wants to go through every piece of the movie to try to connect it all together, I think about it for days! And I don’t like the feeling of my heart pounding in my throat and then jumping from the loud music {I’m going to try watching my next scary movie muted.} I do love the suspense from movies like The Others or the 6th Sense. I ended up liking the movie but what a sad ending! What an evil mother. {just fyi, Mark has a whole list of scary movies he wants to make me watch since it’s October, but I told him the only October movie I’m going to watch is Hocus Pocus!}

After the movie last night I was a little hesitant to be by myself, ok lets be honest, I was clinging to Mark and would follow him from room to room, including the bathroom because I didn’t want to be alone. Our trash was smelling nothing short of horrific and needed to be taken out. But Mark didn’t want to go outside in his g’s {tmi?} and wanted me to take it out. Yeah right, there was no way I was going outside in the dark by myself. So we just put it outside our door and promised to take it to the dumpster on our way out in the morning. Mark wasn’t too happy with this, he kept saying “racoons are going to get into it!”

When we opened the door this morning our trash was strewn all over! There were otter pop rappers and chocolate chip pancakes everywhere. {it was a little embarrassing to have to admit to Mark that I had eaten all those otter pops…} Mark sweetly had to say “i told you so” but I’m sure it was the stray kittens and not racoons! I feel good that we fed the kittens…hahah. They got to splurg on choco chip pancakes!

Happy October!

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