A few months ago I borrowed The Hunger Games series from my sister-in-law and became ob-sessed! I practically begged Mark to read them so I could discuss them with him. But that little hard nosed punk refused. I kept telling him that he would love them because they were gorey and people were killing each other. and it’s very political {he loveees politics}
Finally a few weeks ago he started reading the first one and tried really hard to pretend like he didn’t like it. But during the past week he couldn’t put it down! he would text me all day talking about the book, but sadly for me, its been a little while so I have forgotten some of the things that happen, or was at work doing something called WORK and couldn’t really talk about it. But I’m soo happy he loves them and already can’t wait to see the movie with him. I think it comes out in March so that will be our birthday treat to each other!
I love when I’m right.

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