thank you for not snowing

It’s November! I’m extremely excited for it to be November for many reasons. First, the new Justin Bieber Christmas album came out today! Second, it has a holiday all about food, and being thankful of course, and I’m a fat kid so I’m thankful for food. Third, this month is going to be full of family.
In 2 weeks we are going down to Utah to do an early Thanksgiving with the Warrens’. I’m really excited to see all of them. I’m so grateful to be part of their family. Also, we are going to the temple to do the work for Mark’s grandpa who passed away last year. That will be such a great experience.
Then we are going back to Utah for the real Thanksgiving week. Me, Mark, and Rachel are going to my grandma’s house in Draper. I love going to her house. There’s something so relaxing and soothing about that house. Ok maybe it’s because it’s gorgeous and I wish it was my house 🙂
Also, today was a great start to the month because all the weather reports said it was suppose to snow today…and it hasn’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things I’m thankful for:
My parent’s who taught me how to be a responsible, caring person
my sisters who make me laugh and teach me patients
my husband and the happiness that he brings to everyone
pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
space heater
my friends who have helped me become who I am
Hocus Pocus
That I don’t have to cook Thanksgiving dinner for a bunch of people
Mark doing the dishes
The Addam’s Family movies
Playing Uno
The office
our competitive games on my ipod
warm showers
my scentsy

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