Happy birthday dad!

Happy Birthday to the best dad in the world! I know everyone says they have the best dad, but I actually do! He taught me everything I know from how to ride a bike to being a caring and responsible person. He gave me such a great life and continues to. Some of my favorite things about my dad are his enthusiasm for holidays, especially Christmas. I love going every year to pick out the Christmas tree, even though there is always a fight over which tree to get. But when we lived in Indiana we went to tree farms and cut down our own tree! Another great quality about my dad is that he’s coached me and all my sisters sports teams, even if I was a pathetic basketball player 🙂 Despite his busy work schedule, he has always made time for us. My dad has always pushed and encouraged me to become the person he knew I could be. He loves me and my sisters and my mom. What more could you want in a dad? Plus he gets along so well with my husband!

Happy birthday dad!
me around age 5, my dad and rachel around age 2

At freshmen orientation breakfast when my parents dropped me off in Idaho my first year, hot picture of me eating 

Family pictures at Chrissy Fields 2008

Father-daughter dance at my wedding, provided by my wonderful dad!

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