We are back from a fast but great weekend in Utah with the Warrens! It was so much fun being all together, 5 warren families with 7 little girls and one boy who loves to smile. The weekend seems like a blur, it went by so fast but we have some great memories.

One of the funniest things that happened this weekend included spooning and a dog. Scott and Dani have a boxer named Sunny. She is so cute and so much fun. She gets so excited and her stubby tail gets wagging so fast her whole but wiggles side to side. Well when we got in the first night we climbed into bed and Sunny decided she wanted to have a sleep over with us. She climbed right between me and Mark, in a full sized bed, and was spooning Mark! Seriously, she had her arm/paw across Mark’s chest! We were dying. Then Mark leaned over to kiss me goodnight and Sunny tried to join in, pretty sure she got Mark!
They also are the parent’s to Paige, Emma and Colt. They are so much fun. I love all our nieces and it’s so fun to have a nephew. Daylight savings has them all messed up though, they woke up around 5 am! The second morning Mark was so exhausted he said, I never want to have kids! rude! but then when the kids all came downstairs he snuck upstairs and climbed in their bunkbed to sleep a little longer.
I got to help Dani make pies for Thanksgiving dinner, she is a really good cook and I learn a lot from her.

On Saturday night all the girls went to Lauren’s house to play just dance while the boys froze their butts off at the BYU game.

This picture is blurry but look at all those girls dancing!
Then Sunday we had Thanksgiving dinner. It was all delish! I again failed at taking pictures.
We had such a great weekend and are so grateful for our family, both sides. 

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