dear santa

I found the thing I REALLY want for Christmas.
1222817 Front Large
It’s the Nikon D3100 14.2 megapixel digital SLR camera! (do I sound like Ralphie from A Christmas Story?!)
All the reviews say it is the best SLR and so easy to use for new comers like me.
I’m going to search high and low for it on Black Friday, hoping that they will lower the price even more. And I’m going to talk to my parent’s and Mark’s parent’s about splitting it 3-way with me for our Christmas gift. {Surprise dad!} And of course, I’ll write a letter to Santa telling him I’ve been very good this year.
Anyways, it has everything I want, plus it has a video mode, so that would fulfill mark’s wants of having a camcorder {do people still use camcorders?} And I can take great pictures of our family in Washington D.C. and of Europe!

One thought on “dear santa

  1. That's my Christmas present! 🙂 We ordered it through Inkley's online and got a great deal! I'm just dying for it to get here so I can use the excuse that I need to take pictures of the temple before we move just so I can use it before Christmas. Good luck in your search for the deals! 🙂

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