It’s Friday!

Ok so it’s obviously not really Friday, but my weekend/vaca starts today at 5! Work has been really slow this week because of the upcoming holiday so today I brought this beautiful book that my friend Emily made for me so that I could turn it into a planner, since I need a new one and the one I really want, but obviously can’t afford because it’s $200, really, who’s so important that they need a $200 planner?! But it’s cute right?!
So I decided I would turn this adorable gold glitter ombre notebook that Emily gave me into a planner! aka hand writting the date on each page, nothing too awesome, I’m not real crafty like emily.

Well back to it being Friday, as soon as 5:00 rolls around I’m home to pack, clean the apartment cuz I hate going on vacation and then returning to a messy home. Then pick M up from, go to tithing settlement, hit the gym to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner, go to bed, wake up and drive to my grandma’s!

This will be my first Thanksgiving without my family, I know I’m a baby, and I know Mark and Rach and my gma will be with me and they are my fam, but I guess I mean this will be my first thanksgiving without my parents. Weird. Guess I really am grown up.

Also, if you’re wondering, I talked to my parents and my in-laws and….I ordered my camera the other night! It should be arriving to my apartment anytime after Thanksgiving!

Anyways, I most likely won’t be blogging the rest of this week, I’m going to be relaxing on my gmas couch, playing with her puppy, baking and enjoying the week with my number one man, my sis and my gma!
Happy Thanksgiving!


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