favorite child.

I just ran across this article  about BYU-Idaho banning skinny jeans. Apparently you can’t take a test in the testing center if you are wearing skinnys. I know this isn’t really a big deal, it’s just jeans, but it really irritates me.
I’m pretty sure no girl gets up in the morning, pulls out her tightest skinny jeans from the closet, looks at them and says “Yeah, these are just pushing the boundaries on campus just enough.”
I wear skinnys because they tuck into my boots easily, so I guess they should ban boots too. And if you jeans are tucked into boots, how can you really tell they are skinnys? Is the campus going to ban all jeans in general so there’s no confusion?

This is college. What are the majority of college students doing around the world? Drinking, partying, wearing scandalous clothes, etc. Look at the students at BYU-I and we don’t participate in any of those things. Cut us some slack. How scandalous are skinny jeans really?

This is a great school. But it’s not perfect. Looking back on my education, most of my classes were busy work, overloaded with group presentations and projects, I don’t feel like I had an exceptional education at a “private university.” I don’t feel ahead of my peers at home in my major or more qualified for a career. I think the school has a lot to improve. They should be worried less about our fashion trends and more worried about the curriculum.
When the prophet tells us not to wear skinny jeans, or flip flops, then I won’t. I’m so glad I’m graduated so I don’t have to deal with this ridiculousness.
You’ve gone too far BYU-I.

How are the standards at BYU provo and BYU-Idaho sooo drastically different? It’s like provo is the favorite child and can do whatever they want because they are perfect and we are the black sheep and have to have so many restrictions because our parent doesn’t trust us.


2 thoughts on “favorite child.

  1. haha, I went on such a rant with that one haha! Mark will graduate in April, then we may be going to Fresno for his internship, he isn't sure yet though, he hasn't really looked into internships as much as he should. Are you going home for Christmas? Are you going to Brandon and Bethany's wedding?

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