A good end to a good year

I haven’t had time to blog while we’ve been home because we’ve been so busy enjoying time with our families and loving the holidays!
Some quick highlights so far:

Union Square at Christmas time is my favorite

On the field at the Hunger Bowl

-2 weddings
-got tickets to go to the Warriors vs. Kings to watch Jimmer…10 minutes before we were to leave Mark starts vomiting and we have to skip the game.
-Girls night in San Francisco with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law
-Girls night with 2 of my besties Ronisha and Lindsey
-Spending time with the Warrens
-Mark’s christmas present not coming 😦
-Watching Christmas Story, Elf, Home Alone, It’s a Wonderful Life
-Spending time with the Barkers
-me getting really sick with a sore throat, thinking I have strep, and then throwing up {it felt really great} going to the doctor, strep test negative, doctor thinking I have mono, got blood tests done, finding out I don’t have mono!
-Went to the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl at AT&T park with my parents.
-and finally Booking our Flights to Europe! It’s official, Mark and I are going to Europe in April! 
We are so blessed and lucky to have such amazing families who love and support us. It has been so great to be home and spend time with our family and great friends. We love the Bay Area and are soooo excited to move back here in April. I think this final semester in Idaho is going to be rough: it will be freezing cold and we are going to be so anxious to finally be done with school and be out of Idaho and start our “grown up” life.
I cannot wait, I’m so excited to see what the future holds for us. Thanks for being so good to us 2011 & Welcome 2012!


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