beef…it’s what’s for dinner

Tuesday night was a great night because Mark didn’t have to work until 8! Usually he goes to work right as I’m getting off work so we don’t see each other until 9pm {and I’m an old fart and want to go to sleep at 10:30 or 11, which usually doesn’t happen because Mark is really good at finding really interesting/disgusting shows like Hoarders, which keeps my butt on the couch until midnight}. Anyways, since he didn’t have work until 8 we decided to make dinner together, we decided to make steak fajitas! I’m pretty sure this was a first for us. A few times before Mark has said he was going to help me make dinner, which actually consisted of him helping me gather the ingredients and then getting distracted by the game on tv. But this time he actually helped me cut the bell peppers, red peppers and onions while I cut up the steak. It was really fun, I think Mark even had a good time, and we didn’t even have the tv on!

While dinner was cooking I went to put my shoes away and saw the book “The 5 Love Languages” sitting on the night stand and realized he had read quite a few chapters! Let me tell you, that book is soo true! I’ve wanted him to read it since we got married and I’m so excited he finally decided to read it, on his own, I didn’t even have to bribe or complain or force him to! I think every couple should read it, it is so interesting and can really help make marriage even more enjoyable.

Happy Thursday!


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