Allison the travel agent

Now that our flights our booked that means I really need to buckle down and plan our trip to Europe. First things first, I need to plan out every day with Mark and get solid dates of when and how long we will be in each city. Then I need to book hotels! This has been really stressful for me, how do I book hotels in a different country?! My friend from high school, Allison, is currently living in Italy with her husband and they travel all over the place and she blogs about each city and their experience, check out her awesome blog here! She is so organized and finds the best deals! She usually finds cute, little apartments in the best areas of the city to stay at so I emailed her and asked her for some suggestions in each city we are going to. She is a life saver! She sent me a list with a link to each place and a description about the room and what they liked and didn’t like about each place.

She really got me motivated and now I’m excited to find great deals on cute apartments and hotels!
Thanks so much Allison!

When I was in Italy with my parents {the best trip I’ve ever been on} I remember thinking “one day I want to come back here with my husband.” Little did I know in about 5 years I would! and my husband would be Mark! I am so excited to go explore Europe with my best friend.
Every day it feels more real, and closer!


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