my big adventure

Yesterday I had a long overdue adventure.
When we got back from Christmas break our car was filthy, like you could barely see out of the windows. Maybe it was because it sat in my grandma’s driveway for 2 weeks with all the inversion in the air…but our car desperately needed  to be washed. I love going through a good car wash. I’ve been begging Mark to go through the “new” carwash in Rexburg for a year now but he always has some good excuse like it’s suppose to snow, or all the other cars in the parking lot look worse than ours.
But two days ago it snowed and I had to scrape the windows after work to drive home. Because I’m so short and have short arms I have to lean against the car to reach the middle of the window. After scraping, my clothes were so dirty!
Yesterday was a beautiful day and all the snow was melting so I decided I was going to get a car wash! I was so excited when I pulled up, it was so high tech. Even the machine where you paid had a screen with a mom in her car with a child, telling you what to do!
Anyways so the door opens and it’s my turn to go into the car wash! I realize you have to pull onto a track, with just the left tires matching up, I had come in at a weird angle and wasn’t sure I was going to make it. Luckily there was a guy standing there helping direct my tires. Once I was all lined up, I put the car in neutral and sat back, ready to enjoy my car wash. Then the guy started hand washing my car! I got so nervous because I was all alone and sitting there like an idiot. The huge smile on my face quickly turned into embarrassment. Pretty soon the track pulled me forward and got to the good part, the huge spinning blue foam washers. I felt like a little kid in the back of my mom’s mini van again. {I even had a some m&m’s in the car, which I started snacking on.} All too soon the car wash was over. But as I was pulling out of the car wash, I noticed that the driveway lead me to the vacuuming station! So gladly I pulled up, took out all the floor mats, shook them off and proceeded to vacuum out the car! I spent a good 20 minutes vacuuming all the pebbles, crumbs and hair off the floors and cracks in the seats {Who knew my hair fell out so much in the car?!} As I was cleaning out the back seats I realized I’d never even sat in the back of our car, which for some reason was weird to think about. {so maybe I sat there for a second just to see what it was like back there.}
By the time I was satisfied with the car, my fingers were numb. As I was driving they started to thaw out and then came that terrible swelling and burning feeling.

All in all, it was one of the best car wash experiences I can remember!


2 thoughts on “my big adventure

  1. oh my gosh i miss you that whole adventure was totally you … you would sit in the back just to see what it felt like bahahahaha I bet they loved watching you trying to figure it out!

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