a big blur

I’m going to try to describe my horrible weekend.
To start things off, I should say that for those of you who don’t know, I got REALLY sick this weekend, sick like I have never experienced. It started earlier in the week when I would work out at night. I would be running and start feeling light headed. A couple times I almost passed out and I had no idea why. Then Friday night our good friend Steve and his gf Christine came to visit us. I was feeling weak and shaky when they first got there but figured it was because I was hungry. I was suppose to go to the gym but decided to take the night off and go in the morning and instead spend some time catching up with Steve and getting to know Christine. Steve wanted to make us Thai food for dinner and I was so excited, mostly because I didn’t have to cook! While he was cooking I went to pick Mark up from work and the boys were reunited again. They are hilarious together. It’s so great to see Mark so happy when he gets to spend time with his friends, which doesn’t happen all that often because we are so busy.

Anyway, immediately after dinner I wasn’t feeling well. I was super cold and had the chills. I realized the window was open from cooking and figured that was why. I sat down on the couch and grabbed a blanket but couldn’t stop shivering. I felt so bad because I realized Christine was doing all the dishes and I was just sitting there, but I couldn’t move. After dinner we were all going to go to Nelsons Custard for dessert. I told them to go and I would just wait here and hopefully feel better when they got back. Mark didn’t want to go without me but I somehow insisted that he went. Almost as soon as they left, it all went down hill. All the thai food we had just eaten came right back up {thai vomit has to be the worst kind! and not to mention completely tore up my throat!} I managed to brush my teeth and change into sweats and climb into bed. That’s pretty much all I can remember from that night besides them coming home, Steve feeling really bad because he thought I was having an allergic reaction to something in the dinner, Mark feeling bad because now he had to take care of me and couldn’t entertain Steve and Christine, and me throwing up ever hour or 2. Trying to sleep through that night was probably the worst experience so far in my life. My entire body was completely achy, my back, my hips, my knees, my feet, I was so hot from the fever, sweaty, total upset stomach, and couldn’t get comfy for more than 10 seconds. I can’t even describe the pain I was in but I never want to go through that again. In the morning {thank heavens it was morning} Mark wanted to take me to the doctor but I thought I just had a flu and didn’t want to go {I’m really stubborn and HATE going to the doctor. I think I’ve learned my lesson though.} Luckily Mark made me, he pretty much had to carry me out to the car because I couldn’t stand up.{Mark had to do almost everything for me this whole weekend. He filled out the forms at the doctors office because I couldn’t stand up long enough to fill them out, he payed my co-pay for me.} After lots of questions and the doctor poking my stomach, sticking something up my nose and peeing in a cup, the doctor told me I had a “rip roaring UTI” or more likely Kidney Infection at this point, but it didn’t explain all the flu symptoms though…But being an urgent care doctor and probably having more patients to see he wrote me up a prescription and sent me on my way. Luckily for me, Broulimns, the grocery store has a drive through pharmacy! That was the best news I’d heard all day. When we got home I crawled back into bed and cried.
Anyways the next couple days are a big blur, I think because of the fever which was around 102 most of the weekend, I kept asking Mark what day and time it was {which made it really hard for me to keep track of when I needed to take medication.} All I can remember was the amazing care that Mark provided to me. I knew he would take care of me when I got sick but this was more than care. He definitely became my little angle this weekend. Usually I want my mom when I am sick but I didn’t even feel the need for my mom because of the way Mark was able to take care of me.
The best part of all this was the two amazing blessings Mark was able to give me, one by himself and then a second with our friend Kyle, who is always worthy and willing to give blessings. That has been a huge testimony builder to me since being married, that marrying the right person, at the right time, in the right place was the greatest blessing I have ever received. That is one thing I hope and will encourage all of my sisters to do, is to marry someone who is worthy and willing to give blessings. There is nothing like your dad and your husband giving you blessings. It brings such comfort to know I have that in my little family and I will never take it for granite.
The rest of the weekend panned out as such: fever for 3 days straight, fever rash on my arms and legs that freaked Mark out {but I had no idea because I was so out of it}, couldn’t eat or drink anything even water, constant ache in my back and knees, stomach ache like never before experienced, passing out on the bathroom floor after Mark helped me take a bath to relax my body, Mark making me go back to the doctor on Monday, having to get an IV fresh off the delivery truck so it felt like ice going into my body, sleeping my life away, and finally being able to get out of bed on Tuesday, watching the entire collection of Harry Potter that Mark gave me for Christmas {it was a real life saver, it was pretty much the only thing that could take my mind off the pain in my body and keep tears from running down my face}, laying on the couch all day Wednesday, and now coming to work on Thursday {which I’m not so sure I was ready for, the medicine I’m on makes me really dizzy and it’s hard to focus at work, plus my stomach is still having problems and I can’t eat much}

Now that I have complained and whined, the reason I wanted to write about this was to thank Mark. I want to do something nice for him to show him how grateful I am but I don’t know what to do. I really think that he was blessed this weekend and had some extra help taking care of me because I didn’t know he was capable of doing all he did for me consistently. I’m grateful for his parents, that they taught him to love and take care of others, and I’m grateful for my family who was concerned about me.

I’m so ready to get back to myself and feel healthy and energized, but I feel guilty for saying that because my mom has been so sick for a year now! It really makes me appreciate what she has gone through and what people who fight cancer and other illnesses go through. I have no room to complain.

As a thank you for reading all the way through, here is a beautiful picture of me with my IV at the doctors. I look like a boy with bad hair. Can you tell I was out of it?


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