There’s Sharks?!

This post is dedicated to my sis Rachel. I just had the best hour long conversation with her {which isn’t usual per say for us} We have always had a love {dare I say hate?} relationship, I think because we are close in age but not close enough. She’s always been my cool little Baby Bark who is so sure of herself and didn’t care what everyone thought about her, like I did. She just does her own thing and is confident and people love her. {So maybe I’ve always been a little jealous, but don’t tell her I said that.} We are 3 years and 4 days apart so we’ve never really been in the same stage of life as each other and I had to ruin our chance by getting married just before she came to college. But I see good things in our future. I loved talking to her tonight on the phone, it was the relationship I’ve always wanted to have with her. We talked about everything. Literally, from our day to what’s coming in the next couple months, to Jersey Shore, to friends, to nannying…seriously we covered it all!

So here’s to you, Rach!

This was the best part of the whole season, or any season for that matter!
Look out, there’s SHARKS!


one step closer

San Francisco

I found a smokin’ good deal on a rental truck through Budget, $95! {*plus a $90 fee because we are under 24 years old} It was such a good deal that when I called Budget to ask about it the guy didn’t believe me!
So I booked our truck to move all our stuff to California. We are one step closer to moving back to the San Francisco Bay Area. We are so excited to go back to the place we are both from. It’s such a beautiful and great area, yes expensive but we will see what happens!
I never thought this day would come. I remember my first year of college, I could never imagine graduating, getting married and starting a life in the bay area.
I only have 25 more days of work here at Countrywide Properties, which has been a great job and such a blessing, but I’m ready for something bigger and hopefully in my major.

I vow…

Last night we went to see The Vow at the theater here in Rexburg. I loved the movie! I thought it was going to be sad and depressing but it wasn’t at all. Even though he doesn’t want to admit it, I think Mark really liked the movie too! It wasn’t too chick-flicky but he said it was depressing because she forgot all those memories. I reassured him that it would be ok because they could make new ones together.
 I learned quite a few things through watching this movie:

1. Don’t buy tickets online for FatCats because they screw you and make you sit in the front 3 rows! {guess that’s what you get for being prepared and buying tickets early?!}
2. Channing Tatum has awful teeth! I guess his other features distract from it so I’ve never noticed before?
3. I loved the analogy he talked about that moments make us who we are.
4. I want to believe that we would make all the same choices again like Paige {Rachel McAdams} did.
5. Channing proved that men should wear sweaters but only if you are ripped? {except not ones with one awkward button on the right side, I hated that one at the end}
6. This movie made Mark want to live in San Francisco and be city people for a little while, but he doesn’t want us to become hippies and me to be a vegetarian.
7. We can’t wait to have restaurant options and have our “place” and get the “usual”, but I don’t really think we are those kind of people, we are too cheap and I like to mix it up
8. It gave me hope that one day Mark will let me get a kitten and keep it
9. I do not like sitting in the second row, it hurts my neck
10. I do not like sitting next to the socially awkward girl who comes with her mom but they didn’t get seats together and she laughs hysterically at semi funny parts that no one else laughs that hard at and she looks down at her bag that’s on her lap every time they KISS!
11. I love my love story
12. I have a guy who I know would fight for me to remember him.

It was the perfect way to spend a relaxing {after I had to get an IV at the doctor} valentine’s day and year1/2 of marriage!

The Vow Movie - Leo Channing Tatum Quotes

Happy Valentine’s day to everyone, but especially my wonderful family that love me unconditionally, who are my biggest fans and greatest support, & to a man who makes me a better person every day, who teaches me how to forgive and hug it out.
I feel very blessed to have such amazing people in my life. I hope they know I love them every day not just on Valentine’s day.

This morning I woke up to Mark getting in the shower at 3:30, thinking it was 7! Then when it really was 7 he snuck out to get donuts and roses for me and we had breakfast in bed.
He told me that he asked his boss if he could leave work early tonight, which she wasn’t too happy about, but he is taking me to go see The Vow tonight! I’m so excited! Hopefully I’m not in a crying mood, but I’ll be sure to bring tissue with me just in case Mark cries or something 🙂
 Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s day and feels loved.

frizzy hair problems

I just found out that my straightener won’t work in Europe, bummer! I’ve been trying really hard not to use it, just use it to fix my bangs and it’s helped my hair get healthy but I don’t know if I can handle not having it. I know my hair will freak out and I’ll have the worst hair month just because my hair will know I can’t fix it.

Dear Mom & Dad,
Would you please get me a cheap dual volt straightener for my birthday?
Conair makes one that you can get on Amazon for $20!( I would just buy it but then Mark would say “we are saving for Europe,” he doesn’t understand 🙂

OK thanks, Love you!

Instant Heat Ceramic Straightener

our voices just blend so well together…

The highlight of my weekend was driving to Idaho Falls with Mark to get a gift for Lisa’s baby shower and Mark belting “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge with me! We were laughing so hard! And I have to admit, he hit some pretty good notes, I was impressed.

I also loved looking at baby clothes at The Childrens Place, baby Gap and Old Navy with him and hearing him point to little pink baby dresses and saying “oh this is cute!” We decided that we liked the baby boy clothes the best though, and it reaffirmed that I want boys. We also decided we are really glad we don’t have a baby yet because all those clothes are sooo expensive!

throw a penny in

Ahh it’s becoming so real!

Last night we booked our Eurail train passes and found places to stay in France and Italy! I booked our first place today for Rome! It’s a cute little apartment rented out by a very friendly looking young Italian lady in the center of everything. I’m so excited to go back to Rome, I absolutely love that city and it looks like tossing a penny into the Trevi fountain really works! I’m going back 🙂