thought vomit

This is a completely random post of things that are on my mind.


So glad it’s Thursday because that means we are so close to the weekend {my body knows because as it gets later in the week I have a harder and harder time waking up. Mondays I pop right out of bed at 7:40, Tuesdays 7:43, Wednesday 7:45-7:50, Thursday 8!} I think this weekend is going to be a chill, relaxing, spend some quality time with Mark kinda weekend. We are going to Idaho Falls for a day date on Saturday, the main purpose is to do some baby shower gift shopping but I figured we could make a date out of it! {and try REALLY hard not to spend any money besides on baby gift.}

It snowed last night and was so beautiful when I woke up. I love this winter, snow in the morning and then pretty much all  melted by noon! 33 degrees in February in Rexburg! I’m pretty sure this time last year it was -20 for a week. {knock on wood!!!}

AHHHHHH we are almost down to 9 weeks! 9 weeks left of our life here in a small town. In 9 weeks I’m going to be in the real world. Scary. But so exciting! So much to do, book everything for Europe, tell my boss I’m leaving, hire/train someone new, pack our apartment, move all our stuff somewhere in California, pack for Europe in 2 days, go to D.C., go to Europe, figure out my life aka job and where to live. All of that stresses me out but I’m so excited to be close to my family after 5 years and not be a visitor anymore. The next few months is going to be crazy and such an adventure.

Oh and last night I painted my nails orange. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about it but the verdict is…I love it! It’s weird. It will look great in the summer when I’m tan 🙂

L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Femme Fatale Collection.Opens in a new window


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