one step closer

San Francisco

I found a smokin’ good deal on a rental truck through Budget, $95! {*plus a $90 fee because we are under 24 years old} It was such a good deal that when I called Budget to ask about it the guy didn’t believe me!
So I booked our truck to move all our stuff to California. We are one step closer to moving back to the San Francisco Bay Area. We are so excited to go back to the place we are both from. It’s such a beautiful and great area, yes expensive but we will see what happens!
I never thought this day would come. I remember my first year of college, I could never imagine graduating, getting married and starting a life in the bay area.
I only have 25 more days of work here at Countrywide Properties, which has been a great job and such a blessing, but I’m ready for something bigger and hopefully in my major.


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