I’ve never been a huge fan of valentine’s day, it’s kind of like New year eve, there’s all this hype and big expectations and then it’s kind of lame. It’s not that I don’t have good valentine’s days or that Mark doesn’t do anything, he’s always done really sweet things for me. Last year he made me dinner and got me flowers. The first year we were dating he told me he had to go home for the weekend and really tricked me into believing he was home {he even texted me a picture of In ‘n out!} and secretly left a card and some other things on my door step and tricked me into believing it was someone else asking me out on a date for valentines day, I was so mad and didn’t want to go out with whoever it was. Then he showed up at my door that night and took me to dinner!
Despite all that, I just don’t like the holiday. There are too many expectations. It doesn’t help that it’s on a Tuesday this year! {I am not waking up at 6 to make breakfast for my sweetheart before I go to work.} I was always embarrassed to wear red or pink to school on Valentines day, weird I know!
I usually love doing crafts and decorating but I just can’t get into valentine’s crafts and decorating our apartment, it’s too cheesy, too forced. I’ve tried really hard to find all the cute ideas on pinterest and think of cute decorations to make but I just don’t really like them.
I guess I just don’t like that there is one day a year where people have to tell each other how much they love each other. I feel like it’s an excuse for guys to be romantic or sweet one day out of the year and then feel like they are off the hook for 365 days.

I would be fine if Valentine’s day was no longer a holiday, come on, we can come up with a better holiday than that!


thought vomit

This is a completely random post of things that are on my mind.


So glad it’s Thursday because that means we are so close to the weekend {my body knows because as it gets later in the week I have a harder and harder time waking up. Mondays I pop right out of bed at 7:40, Tuesdays 7:43, Wednesday 7:45-7:50, Thursday 8!} I think this weekend is going to be a chill, relaxing, spend some quality time with Mark kinda weekend. We are going to Idaho Falls for a day date on Saturday, the main purpose is to do some baby shower gift shopping but I figured we could make a date out of it! {and try REALLY hard not to spend any money besides on baby gift.}

It snowed last night and was so beautiful when I woke up. I love this winter, snow in the morning and then pretty much all  melted by noon! 33 degrees in February in Rexburg! I’m pretty sure this time last year it was -20 for a week. {knock on wood!!!}

AHHHHHH we are almost down to 9 weeks! 9 weeks left of our life here in a small town. In 9 weeks I’m going to be in the real world. Scary. But so exciting! So much to do, book everything for Europe, tell my boss I’m leaving, hire/train someone new, pack our apartment, move all our stuff somewhere in California, pack for Europe in 2 days, go to D.C., go to Europe, figure out my life aka job and where to live. All of that stresses me out but I’m so excited to be close to my family after 5 years and not be a visitor anymore. The next few months is going to be crazy and such an adventure.

Oh and last night I painted my nails orange. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about it but the verdict is…I love it! It’s weird. It will look great in the summer when I’m tan 🙂

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