Our last spin around Rexburg

Last weekend I went to my second baby shower ever for our friend Bonnie. Tara and I made her a diaper cake, it was really fun to make. It was a really nice baby shower and a lot of fun. I’m sad we won’t be here when Bonnie has her little baby! But she will be a great mom.
After the baby shower the weather was really nice so we spent our Saturday riding around Rexburg on bikes we rented from the ORC! I love bike riding and it was so much fun. After finding some small trails and going all over Rexburg we ended our ride at the Park. This was the luckiest day of my life because a worker from the local frozen yogurt place came right up to us and gave us a coupon for a free cup of yogurt! So we ended our day getting yogurt. It was a perfect Saturday 🙂


I never thought this would actually happen.

It’s finally here, the time I thought would never come. My last week of work! And then next week will be full of packing and cleaning and excitement of seeing our families! In a short 12 days we will be waking up early and heading for the highway, me in the car and Mark in the Budget truck!

5 years in Rexburg, growing up, leaving home, going to college, meeting the boy who I never thought would become my husband, our first date, first kiss {not on our first date 🙂 }, where we became best friends, where we fell in love, where we laughed, cried and were there for each other, the place we got engaged, our first apartment, getting my bachelors degree in Communication, learning to live with roommates, meeting the best friends I could ever ask for…
This love/hate relationship with Rexburg is coming to a quick end. We only have 2 more weeks here. It has been great and I have grown and learned so much. But I am so excited for our future and ready to move on. Although it is scary, I know we are ready to tackle life together, with my best friend.

Our first semester “just friends”
Engaged 2 1/2 years later
Just Dance parties in our first, tiny, apartment

So long Rexburg. Thanks for everything, for allowing me to find myself, my best friends, my husband. It’s been real. But I won’t miss your bipolar weather with crazy wind.

P.S. Thanks for taking it easy on us this winter, best goodbye present I could ask for!

and the verdict is…

Last night I went to my very first Midnight Premier. I’m not sure how I feel about it. It was fun but we didn’t dress up or do anything crazy and I don’t really know if it’s worth it to see a movie when you get home at almost 3 Am and have to be up for work 5 hours…But I did have fun with Mark and Peter and Tara!

Now on to the more important aspect…the movie!
I have read the first book 2 and 1/2 times in the past 6 months and am absolutely obsessed. They are so well written and intriguing {disturbing but intriguing.}
I think I would have to give the movie a 3.75 out of 5. {The book will always been a 10 out of 5 for me!} It was really well made, not cheesy, the graphics were really great and I absolutely loved the cast! Every single one portrayed the character spot on! {I liked Haymitch so much more in the movie than the book!} But they did change some of the big things in the movie. For example, in the movie they don’t talk about or show Madge at all, Katniss doesn’t get the mockingjay pin from her. They also leave a lot of the history out and the connections between the characters {that’s some of the best stuff!} I understand that they can’t put every detail in the movie or else it would be 8 hours long {I would still watch it…} but I feel like they left out some crucial things. I also think they didn’t make the arena as exciting as I imagined, yes, in the book a lot of the arena is waiting to die but some of the important things in the arena are left out or are really short.
All in all, I enjoyed the movie but think that if you didn’t read the book then you wouldn’t understand a lot.

The book is by far still better than the movie but they did a good job.

to go dirty…blonde that is

I feel like it’s time for a change. I have been wanting to change my hair color lately, I went through a phase where I REALLY wanted ombre hair until I realized
A. my hair isn’t long enough to look good
B. Its a lot of work just to look like my roots are really bad…

But now I think I want to go almost my natural hair color {but a richer more colorful dirty blonde} with highlights shaping my face. My inspiration is this picture:

I need some feedback. How hard is it to go a little darker when you are blonde? Should I do it?!

I think it is so pretty and natural. I just need some motivation.

The Odds are ever in my favor!


We officially have tickets for the midnight premier of the Hunger Games!! I could not be more excited. 1. I read the Hunger Games for the first time about 6 months ago and fell in love! Obsessed! I read them again a couple months ago and REALLY want to read the first book again before the movie tomorrow not. 2. This is my first midnight premier! Crazy huh?! I never went in high school because seminary was so early {and really the only movie worth going to in high school was The Dark Night!}
We are going with a big group of friends {I think it is all the same people we saw Deathly Hallows part 2 with!}
The biggest plus of all this, our tickets were only $5 each! And the theater is this really old vintage theater in St Anthony.

swag wishin

I’m obsessed with messy buns but can’t get my messy buns to look this amazing. Why is the world so cruel?

I’m also obsessed with colored skinnys. It would be really nice to have spending money for a couple of these and some new summer heals. *sigh
I have really great style in my head…just not my closet.
It’s funny, when you are single/dating, guys care about your clothes. Lets be honest, they like you for 50% looks, 30%  personality and 20% because of your style. But the second you get married they don’t care about your style or clothes anymore because they don’t want you to spend “their” money {I say their because I work and make money but it’s “ours”}

I’m just sooo tired!

Ugh, daylight savings is killing me! I don’t know why but every time daylight savings happens I feel like it totally messes up my sleep.
Also, I’m really tired because Mark refuses to go to sleep before 11:30 {I thought one of the perks to being married was that you got to go to sleep by 10!}
Every morning, when my alarm doesn’t go off {the alarm on my phone is broken} I mumble “I’m just sooooo tired!” Mark thinks I’m trying to be funny, but I’m being serious!

Anyways, I have 3 weeks left of work! Yay!

Also, I’ve been running, a lot {for me}. I run 3-4 miles every night, which is really good for me. I dreaded running the mile once a week or every two weeks in P.E. This week I ran 16 miles!!!!!! I know, some people run that in one day but it’s a big accomplishment for me.

Tonight is the season finally of the Bachelor. I hope Ben picks Courtney, they are both annoying and dumb and perfect for each other. Nikki was too good for him, she’s lucky he didn’t pick her!

We posted our furniture on craigslist! One step closer to moving. If any one is looking for a really big, comfy chocolate brown couch in the Rexburg area let us know.

Well this was all random. But hope you all have a good Monday.

Kony 2012

I was on facebook this morning and saw people posting videos and comments about Kony 2012. I had no idea what they were talking about and ignored it. A couple hours later, after seeing more posts I clicked on one article and watched the video embeded. Wow, were my eyes opened.

Watch this video. Yes it’s 29 minutes, but it is worth your time.

Call it being naive or ignorant, but I thought these child army’s were only going on during the blood diamond period {which I guess is another ignorant thought, to think that it doesn’t go on anymore.}
I had never heard of Invisible Children or Joseph Kony. But after watching the above video and looking at the website (below) I have never been so inspired by a cause and wanted to get involved. If we all had the hope and determination that this guy has, the world would be such a great place.

I love that this campaign has easy things we as citizens can actually do to help and get involved.
This is something we should all get involved in. Do your part.


I’m a big jerk!

So in my last post I said that we finally got the Jimmer jersey I ordered Mark for Christmas, yes Christmas was 3 months ago! I have been emailing back and forth with the company I ordered it from, it has been a hassle to say the least. 
Well when we got the package a couple nights ago, Mark ripped it open {Even though I wanted him to wait and give it to him as a bday gift too hahah} and it was a Seattle Mariner’s jersey!
Mark’s bummed out face

Needless to say, I was so pissed! I could not believe that he sent us the wrong jersey, not even the same sport! So I grabbed my computer and wrote a nasty email pretty much demanding he pay for return shipping, give me a full refund and still send the Jimmer jersey and I sent it. I was so mad the rest of the night, I didn’t even want to think about it.

The next morning I checked my email to see what the idiot said back {almost 100% sure he didn’t respond because it has taken him daysss to get back to me before}.
But I was surprised to see a response from him. It said “I sent the Jimmer Fredette jersey as well as the Mariners jersey for all your hassle.”

Oops! I felt like a jerk! But why would they put the Mariners jersey on top? We didn’t open it because we thought we were going to have to send it back. So I ripped open the plastic and sure enough the Jimmer jersey was underneath. I called Mark and told him the good news {and the bad news that I was a jerk}. He laughed and was so excited to come home after class to see it!
At least we finally got the jersey and I don’t have to stress over it anymore.

A toilet hugging birthday

Well my birthday came and went, just like it does every year! {I miss being a little kid and celebrating your birthday with your family and then looking forward to your party on the weekend with your friends}
But this was a good birthday. Tara showed up at my office with balloons and a gift! She is so thoughtful and made me feel special, even at work!
After work, Tara and I went to the track to run and do lunges {I hate them.} After our workout Mark and I went to Costa Vida, Cocoa bean, and Horkleys to get a movie. When we got home I listened to fun voice messages from Brad and LuAnn, and Lauren! I love my in-laws! Mark needed to shower, cuz he was smelly from work, so I went to the mail box to look for packages from my parents. I came back with 3 packages, one for me, one for Mark, and the third was the Jimmer Fredette jersey I ordered for Mark for Christmas {more to come about that story!}

After opening gifts and eating our Costa Vida we built a fort to watch the movie under. About 30 minutes into the movie I started getting really bad stomach cramps. I spent the last hour and a half, roughly, hugging the toilet. Thanks Costa Vida for the wonderful birthday present.

I feel like I have been sick every other week this year so far. It’s getting really old and frustrating. I’m feeling like moving back to California will get me healthy again! With that said, we move exactly 1 month from today!! This day next month we will be waking up early, pulling out of our apartment complex that has been our first home together, and driving separately {me driving the car and Mark driving the moving truck}, we will be headed home with no idea of where we are going to put our stuff or where we are living once we get back from Europe. But I don’t feel stressed at all, probably because I just know this is right for us right now and we have family there. Everything will work out the way it’s suppose to.

Here’s some pictures from my birthday