Kony 2012

I was on facebook this morning and saw people posting videos and comments about Kony 2012. I had no idea what they were talking about and ignored it. A couple hours later, after seeing more posts I clicked on one article and watched the video embeded. Wow, were my eyes opened.

Watch this video. Yes it’s 29 minutes, but it is worth your time.

Call it being naive or ignorant, but I thought these child army’s were only going on during the blood diamond period {which I guess is another ignorant thought, to think that it doesn’t go on anymore.}
I had never heard of Invisible Children or Joseph Kony. But after watching the above video and looking at the website (below) I have never been so inspired by a cause and wanted to get involved. If we all had the hope and determination that this guy has, the world would be such a great place.

I love that this campaign has easy things we as citizens can actually do to help and get involved.
This is something we should all get involved in. Do your part.



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