I never thought this would actually happen.

It’s finally here, the time I thought would never come. My last week of work! And then next week will be full of packing and cleaning and excitement of seeing our families! In a short 12 days we will be waking up early and heading for the highway, me in the car and Mark in the Budget truck!

5 years in Rexburg, growing up, leaving home, going to college, meeting the boy who I never thought would become my husband, our first date, first kiss {not on our first date 🙂 }, where we became best friends, where we fell in love, where we laughed, cried and were there for each other, the place we got engaged, our first apartment, getting my bachelors degree in Communication, learning to live with roommates, meeting the best friends I could ever ask for…
This love/hate relationship with Rexburg is coming to a quick end. We only have 2 more weeks here. It has been great and I have grown and learned so much. But I am so excited for our future and ready to move on. Although it is scary, I know we are ready to tackle life together, with my best friend.

Our first semester “just friends”
Engaged 2 1/2 years later
Just Dance parties in our first, tiny, apartment

So long Rexburg. Thanks for everything, for allowing me to find myself, my best friends, my husband. It’s been real. But I won’t miss your bipolar weather with crazy wind.

P.S. Thanks for taking it easy on us this winter, best goodbye present I could ask for!


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