Our last spin around Rexburg

Last weekend I went to my second baby shower ever for our friend Bonnie. Tara and I made her a diaper cake, it was really fun to make. It was a really nice baby shower and a lot of fun. I’m sad we won’t be here when Bonnie has her little baby! But she will be a great mom.
After the baby shower the weather was really nice so we spent our Saturday riding around Rexburg on bikes we rented from the ORC! I love bike riding and it was so much fun. After finding some small trails and going all over Rexburg we ended our ride at the Park. This was the luckiest day of my life because a worker from the local frozen yogurt place came right up to us and gave us a coupon for a free cup of yogurt! So we ended our day getting yogurt. It was a perfect Saturday šŸ™‚


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