Our big adventure

From April 14 to May 16 I was a foreigner in Europe…now I feel like a foreigner to blogging! Since the day we landed at the San Francisco airport I’ve wanted to blog all about our trip, but I’ll be honest, I’m really nervous! Thinking about trying to put our trip into words is a daunting task, it exhausts me just thinking about it! First, how do I blog about a month long trip through 5 countries with 2300 pictures?! How much is too much? Second, I feel like it will take me FOREVER to blog about the amazing experience we had and the gorgeous places we saw. But I’ll try to make it short and sweet. If you are really interested or want more info feel free to comment or email me haha!

Let me start by saying, this was the most amazing trip I ever could have dreamed of. Every place was breathtaking and so much fun. There wasn’t a single place we went that we didn’t enjoy. Everyone wants to know what our favorite city was, but to be honest, all of them were our favorite! They were all so different and had their own charm. (P.S. We do have pictures together, on Mark’s iPhone, it was hard to find people to take pictures for us…ok I’ll be honest I didn’t really trust strangers with our new camera! haha so that’s why the following pictures how just one or the other of us.)

We started our trip in D.C. with my family! It’s been soo long since we have been on a family vacation so we had a great time!

Our first stop in Europe was London. This first picture was after leaving D.C. at noon and landing in London at 6AM the next morning! We were so jet lagged and exhausted. I guess it made walking around more magical because we were delerious 🙂

We took the English Channel to France!
Next up, Nice! I hope we go back to the south of France one day
We ran from the train station about a mile and a half with our huge packs on to the leaning tower of Pisa, snapped some pictures and ran back in time to catch our next train!
Next came the Eternal City-Rome!
We made a quick stop in Pompeii, wish our train hadn’t been cancelled in the morning so we could have spent more time in this amazing city.
Florence was one of the most romantic cities we went to. We hit it at a bad time, both days we were there all the museums were closed but we had a wonderful time walking around the city and climbing Michelangelo hill.
We found the pizza place the Jersey shore crew worked at!
Yeah Buddy!
Next came the amazing city of Venice! I was so excited to show Mark this city.
From Venice we took a night train to Vienna, Austria (we were glad we only had to take the night train once, it was hard to sleep on bunk beds with 4 other people while the train was rocking.)

Salzburg was one of our most memorable stops. We took the Sound of Music tour and had a blast!

We took a day trip to a fairy tale-like town called Halstatt.
Our trip got even more gorgeous as we went to Fussen, Germany and went through the Neuschwanstein castle aka the Sleeping Beauty castle (yes, Walt Disney designed the Sleeping Beauty castle after this castle built by King Ludwig!)
From here we continued onto Munich.
We went to the English Garden, which is a park that is larger than Central Park! And yes, those are naked old men relaxing in the middle of the park haha!


We went to the Dachau Concentration Camp. It was the first Camp and all the others were modeled after this one. It was a very sobering experience and something I think everyone should see. It was something I can’t find the words to describe, how can human beings be so cruel. I hope history never repeats itself.

Our last stop was Rothenburg, Germany. It’s an old Medieval town. Every picture is blog worthy but I’ll save you time and just pick a few.