Just some thoughts as I’m watching the Olympics tonight:
I’ve been watching every night with Mark, my favorite sports to watch are swimming (of course, because I love swimming and swam in high school), diving and gymnastics.
About swimming- I feel like Michael Phelps just doesn’t care this year and it’s disappointing. Is it because he’s 4 years older and hasn’t been training as hard as he should? And Ryan Lochte is too cocky with his grill.
Gymnastics-it’s dumb that only the top two from the U. S. can make it to individual competition, if all 5 are the best then they should all get to compete!
Also, I feel bad for these Russian gymnasts. They look so young and they are messing up terribly, that dismount off the balance beam and huge mess up on the floor excersize?!
But go USA! These girls are kicking butt!

Also one of my favorite parts is when they show the girls parents squirming in the audience, that’s got to be harder than performing!


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