Life according to my iphone

My new white iPhone has changed my life! How did I ever live without it? 🙂

Here are some pictures of life recently through the lens of my

Our “go-to” place for lunch in San Francisco

We went to the city with these two cuties. Don’t worry, Rachel did not sit on Chad’s lap while we were driving, just to take a picture of the Golden Gate.
How gorgeous is this city?!
love my sis
Waiting in line for the restroom after going literally 2 minutes before! Tiny tank!

Mark loves to take pictures of me when I look my best 🙂 (in the ER the 1st time)
Flowers from my sisters and Matt &Sarah
This little guy hung on all the way from my office in Danville, during my stop at Target, all the way home to Pleasanton and then to our friend’s house in Livermore! Sadly he blew off driving back home at 10:30 at night 😦
We watched this cutie pie for two weeks. I don’t miss his fur all over my black clothes, or his smelly oder/breath but he was funny.
We bbq’d! Love summer bbq’s


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