Just around the corner

Driving home from church yesterday I noticed leaves on the grass under the trees and in the gutters. On my way to work today I saw orange in the hills, that means only one thing! Fall is coming! My favorite season! It seems a little early, it’s only August 20th! But I’m ready to be done with this 95-100 degree weather every day. I hate going home and not be able to change into comfy sweats and lounge about. Bring on the over-sized sweaters, boots and scarves!
There’s also something so enticing about the cool fall breeze that makes me want to bake pumpkin cookies and eat delicious soups and stress over thinking of the perfect Halloween costume even though we have no where to wear them to and watch Hocus Pocus until I drive Mark crazy! *side note, one day I want to go to Salem Massachusetts during the fall and re-live the witch trials. That is soo interesting to me. Fall is such a colorful holiday and smells so warm and comforting. I can’t wait for fall here in Danville, it’s so beautiful! Oh fall, hurry up 🙂


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